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A Fitness Enthusiast is Challenged

On a crisp winter’s day in Primrose Hill, I was being put to the test using Muddy Plimsolls training principles. But an early exercise in my workout with co-Founder Jason involves pushing him across a muddy field. And it was getting the best of me. “Keep pushing, Brit,” Jason said, far too casually. “Just another […]

Learning to Cartwheel outside in the park

Learning to Cartwheel

A client of mine had always wanted to do a cartwheel. She’d never been able to do one, as a little girl. She’d taken junior ballet/gymnastics classes, where she’d been teased by the other girls for being too chubby and uncoordinated to perform the move. Years later, she decided to learn.

A fit woman in her fifties completing a full push-up

Press-ups For Girls

Performing a perfect press-up I believe it’s valuable to teach each of my female clients to perform full press-ups.  This is not so that she can impress others.  I want her to impress herself. I work together with her over weeks and months, developing her physical strength and body confidence.  She’ll  tone up muscle, but […]