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Back to school fitness

Some more Back To School fitness advice

For most parents, new term has started for their children. Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary school, a new school-based timetable brings with it the opportunity to find some time to exercise for mum and dad. And September is a popular time for clients to book in some back to school fitness training with Muddy Plimsolls.

Power walking benefits and advice from Muddy Pllimsolls

Benefits of power walking and how to get started

Some of our beginner clients experience the benefits of power walking very quickly. For those unused to exercise and preferring to walk to lose weight rather than launch into running, power walking is a low-impact exercise that has a surprising effect on the heart rate both immediately and over the long term as you measure your average heart rate.

The Early Postnatal Programme for the New Mum Client

Postnatal training mixes knowledge with experience New mums are often keen to start work towards regaining their pre-baby body and fitness levels. As fitness professionals, we at Muddy Plimsolls have to have a policy for integrating an effective and safe postnatal programme into our outdoor 28-day Training Plans. At Muddy Plimsolls, we go beyond the […]