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What makes a safe and effective post baby workout

Post baby workout training mixes education with experience New mums are often keen to start a post baby workout programme as soon as possible. They want to work towards regaining their pre-baby body, addressing issues such as diastasis recti and improving energy levels. We, at Muddy Plimsolls, want to help, of course.  But we do […]

Resolutions for New Year

3 tips on getting the most out of your partner workouts

Partner training (also called dual training) is when two clients attend a training session simultaneously with one personal trainer. This approach is growing in popularity amongst our clients and its easy to see why. Whether you’re training with your partner, friend, family member or work colleague, having a familiar face with you during your sessions […]

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Technical Trail Running : can you train in the city?

In the current issue of Trail Running Magazine, we offer advice on training for technical trails when you live in the city. The key is use your imagination.

Back to school fitness

Some more Back To School fitness advice

For most parents, new term has started for their children. Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary school, a new school-based timetable brings with it the opportunity to find some time to exercise for mum and dad. And September is a popular time for clients to book in some back to school fitness training with Muddy […]

Power walking benefits and advice from Muddy Pllimsolls

Benefits of power walking and how to get started

Some of our beginner clients experience the benefits of power walking very quickly. For those unused to exercise and preferring to walk to lose weight rather than launch into running, power walking is a low-impact exercise that has a surprising effect on the heart rate both immediately and over the long term as you measure […]

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Our newest client needs to get a bikini body in a few short weeks. Here’s our advice.

Our newest client, EK, wants to tone up as much as she can in 3 weeks before her holiday. At this late stage what we do get get her a beach body?

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