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Resolutions for New Year

Getting the most out of partner training

Partner training (also called dual training) is when two clients attend a training session simultaneously with one personal trainer. This approach is growing in popularity amongst our clients and its easy to see why. Whether you’re training with your partner, friend, family member or work colleague, having a familiar face with you during your sessions can encourage you.  Plus, usually partner training is charged at a lower per person rate than one-to-one personal training, too. So, if you are thinking of partner training, here’s some advice on what to expect including your expectations and what to look for in an effective partner training personal trainer.

What's on offer during our personal training sessions

What’s on offer during our personal training sessions

Your initial session with us is an assessment, used alongside the online PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) you already completed and the early conversation with the MP team you would have had to discuss goals etc. From then on your programme and personal training sessions can adapt each time you train depending on how you are that day, energy levels, what you achieved that week.

Why we lead the field in outdoor personal training

We’re the only outdoor personal training company featured in a Coach Mag article on the Top 10 ways to get an outdoor workout. We believe in the power of one-to-one training to effect change and in our strengths as a company to service clients. So the publication of Coach Mag’s article is a perfect opportunity to explain how Muddy Plimsolls still leads the way on outdoor personal training.

Fitness Training in Spring is here

If you train outdoors, you’ll know that different seasons have a different vibe when it comes to fitness training. With fitness training in Spring comes the opportunity to try out the newest workout apparel that isn’t just about staying warm but may actually be flattering. And having made it through the winter, spring training takes on a new element: of looking forward to peeling off layers and enjoying the results of your hard work when the weather gets warmer.

Power walking benefits and advice from Muddy Pllimsolls

Benefits of power walking and how to get started

Some of our beginner clients experience the benefits of power walking very quickly. For those unused to exercise and preferring to walk to lose weight rather than launch into running, power walking is a low-impact exercise that has a surprising effect on the heart rate both immediately and over the long term as you measure your average heart rate.