Muddy Plimsolls brand for sale

Hello Fitness Entrepreneurs

Muddy Plimsolls has been at the forefront of outdoor exercise and outdoor personal training for a number of years.

The founders, Jason and Fiona Doggett have taken new career paths.

Having wound up both company and client list, we still retain the Muddy Plimsolls brand in the form of domain names, trade mark and copyrights. We know the strength of a strong brand and would like to sell a package of these elements of Muddy Plimsolls to a fitness entrepreneur who sees the opportunity to build on our work.

We would relinquish rights and have no say in the new business.

In summary, we are selling:

  • the domain name rights of
  • the domain name rights of
  • the copyright for original content – text and images – on our existing website (excluding certain names/images)
  • the copyright for the design of the website (by Wholegrain Digital)
  • the trademark, enabling you to ring-fence your investment
  • social media accounts – Facebook & Twitter
  • any associated brand reputation, as an asset for you to improve/develop over time:
  • press and media coverage online (eg: Huff Post & The Royal Parks) and offline (eg: The Times & Men’s Health)
  • testimonials from clients (collected by online forms) and online reviews (yelp, google, facebook)
  • reviews of our guide to outdoor fitness trails – created as SEO linkbait – from fitness influencers & eco-conscious organisations (eg: RunDemCrew, Mudstacle,, Green Flag Award)

Collectively, this package comprises an ideal launchpad – established over the course of a decade by pioneers of outdoor fitness – in the current pandemic environment, for a surge of new content about the benefit and joy of exercising outdoors, at a time when fresh-air and exercise in green spaces is encouraged and lauded.

We are open to offers for this collated portfolio of intellectual property pertaining to Muddy Plimsolls.

If you would like further information, please email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jason and Fiona Doggett

Founders, Muddy Plimsolls