3 ways busy new mums can find time to lose baby weight

Lose Baby Weight

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As a new mum you may find it hard to find time to exercise in order to help lose baby weight.

Here are some time-saving strategies to help you keep on track with your plans for weight loss after pregnancy, whilst caring for your new baby.

1. Take your baby to your workout

Combining a baby’s walk in the park with a post-natal exercise programme is very doable. You don’t necessarily have to have one of those three-wheeler prams that are designed specifically for running, either. There are a huge number of postnatal exercises you can perform with just a mat, placed next to the pram.

We don’t recommend you actually exercise with your baby in your arms, but they can be present at the session whilst you get in a great exercise session.

2. Workout at the most convenient time for you

Here at Muddy Plimsolls, we have postnatal clients that train at different times of the day. Some in the morning, in-between feeds. Some train at home while the baby is asleep. Mum’s with older children can fit in a workout just after drop off at nursery or school or just before pick-up. Or you can choose a combination thereof.

If you choose to workout one-to-one with a personal trainer, rather than a scheduled group or class, then you can dictate exactly when you train. The best personal trainers in London will be flexible and work round your schedule.

3. Combine a playdate with a post pregnancy workout

Partner training with another Mum can work. Whilst one of you performs an exercise, the other rests and keeps an eye on the children. Not for everyone, this suggestion, as you do need to be very organised about your exercise programme. But it can work, especially if you have a partner-based personal training programme.

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