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Power walking benefits and advice from Muddy Pllimsolls

Benefits of power walking and how to get started

Some of our beginner clients experience the benefits of power walking very quickly. For those unused to exercise and preferring to walk to lose weight rather than launch into running, power walking is a low-impact exercise that has a surprising effect on the heart rate both immediately and over the long term as you measure […]

A fit woman in her fifties completing a full push-up

Calisthenics for your park run

Here’s a list of 3 exercises we teach in our Calisthenics for Runners workshop. These exercises are part of a group of 25 simple exercises for clients who want to add a full body workout to their park tun and develop upper and core body strength, tone muscle and improve posture.

Learning to Cartwheel outside in the park

Learning to cartwheel is a great fitness goal

A client of mine had always wanted to do a cartwheel. She’d never been able to do one, as a little girl. She’d taken junior ballet/gymnastics classes, where she’d been teased by the other girls for being too chubby and uncoordinated to perform the move. Years later, she decided to learn.

A fitness trainer demonstrates how he achieves weight loss success, by imitating Tarzan

A fitness plan to suit your personality

Your ‘Fitness Personality’ is key to weight loss success The strongest predictor of weight loss success is this: the approach you choose must be allied to your personality.  Training with our System follows a programme that’s part-art and part-science, where we develop your training programme around your personality. Our clients are all very different people, […]