COACH magazine's

top 10 outdoor workouts in London,

June 2016

Personal Trainers in London's great outdoors

Muddy Plimsolls operates a mobile personal training service in parks and green spaces across London.


Our personal training sessions are planned from the moment you are met by your personal trainer. From warm-up, through the workout, to the cool-down, you’ll benefit from a carefully organised and professional approach to your fitness training. Our teaching style is relaxed, but focussed on your needs.

Our training uses calisthenics as the basis of all training. You'll be introduced to a huge variety of simple bodyweight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups, planks, lunges, sprints. You’ll learn them all and more. By mastering movements – bending, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing – using only one’s body weight for resistance, with your personal trainer's guidance you'll find calisthenics is a simple and effective way for people of all ages to keep fit, get strong and stay flexible.


You’ll get guidelines on smart eating for long-term health. You’ll not be subjected to a bland, restrictive diet. Instead, we’ll provide down-to-earth, realistic advice, based your personality, tastes & lifestyle. And overall, we’ll encourage you to make the right dietary decisions to maximise your training results.


Muddy Plimsolls started in the parks and green spaces of central London such as Hyde Park, and Regent's Park. We soon spread to further parts of north London such a Hampstead, Highgate and Highbury. Now we have trainers in all points within the M25 and beyond, too. From cool east London to leafy south London, we'll find a trainer for you. And we've got west London covered too; from Hammersmith to Richmond.


Freedom to pay-as-you-go monthly on our secure online shop, by debit or credit card with no contract. At the end of your training plan you decide if you’d like to upgrade or downgrade your training sessions.

And your first payment is backed by our ‘no quibble’ Happiness Guarantee. If having completed your first session, you’re not entirely satisfied with the service you’ve received, you may cancel your training plan – and be refunded the rest of your payment, immediately.


Our outdoor personal training keeps clients fit and healthy, rain or shine throughout the year. The substantial range of skills and equipment on offer means that we'll be sure to source a trainer who matches your personality, your training preferences and your fitness goals. All trainers are fully qualified, insured and are professionals you can rely on.

Excellent first session where we covered goals and got started straight away with a plan! Lots of flexibility given as I was about to become a dad for the first time!

Thank you so very much for this morning[‘s session]. I apologise for the swearing but boy did I get pushed out of my comfort zone which is what I need

I was surprised I would be looking forward to each session but I truly felt each session left me with a “Job well done” feeling.
I have gained so much knowledge.

The training has helped the mobility in my back and I’ve enjoyed the interval training he throws in, too. It has really increased my fitness.

Definitely stronger – I am certainly making progress on being able to do pull ups. My uphill running is a lot better; I can feel my legs are stronger doing it.

My aim was to run a 5k race. From only being able to run for less than 30 secs in my first session, I managed to finish the race in less than 40 minutes!

I certainly have noticed a massive difference in muscle tone around my legs, hips and stomach – all areas that were previously a little soft. I am now the lightest and tightest I have been since I was 16!

In a month, I could see the difference in my stability, strength and muscle tone. I have a fear of pushing/bending knees due to an injury and we worked on these to give me more strength and confidence.