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Personal Trainers in London's great outdoors

Muddy Plimsolls operates a mobile personal training service in parks and green spaces across London.

Team of Personal Trainers across London:

With our team of personal trainers across London, you’ll get fit and have fun using the bodyweight exercise system of calisthenics. Push-ups, pull-ups, planks, lunges, sprints. You’ll master them all and more, following our clear teaching and supportive guidance.

Structured training:

Our personal training sessions are planned from the moment you are met by your London trainer. From warm-up, through the workout, to the cool-down, you’ll benefit from a carefully organised and professional approach to your fitness training. Our teaching style is relaxed, but focussed on your needs.

Calisthenics exercise:

Calisthenics are a variety of simple exercises, intended to increase body strength and flexibility by mastering movement – bending, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing – using only one’s body weight for resistance. With your personal trainer's adaptation and guidance, calisthenics is a simple and effective way for people of all ages to keep fit.

Body-confident and re-energised:

Our London personal training clients learn, repeat and master dozens of exercise sequences that are perfect for weight loss, strength training and lifelong fitness. Our series of 100+ calisthenic, plyometric and agility movements transforms your body. Each hour long session, exercising one-to-one with a personal trainer in your local green space in London, is designed to work your entire body, leaving you feeling confident and full of energy.

Stable and experienced team:

Seven years ago, Muddy Plimsolls started with just one personal trainer. Today, our fitness team of fifteen personal trainers keeps our clients fit and healthy, encouraging exercise outdoors, rain or shine across London.

Energise, transform and improve your body in just 28-days, with our signature personal training plans and discover total body conditioning.

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Glowing Reviews

In a month, I could see the difference in my stability, strength and muscle tone. I have a fear of pushing/bending knees due to an injury and we worked on these to give me more strength and confidence.

Definitely stronger – I am working on being able to do pull ups and I am certainly making progress. My general fitness is improving too–my uphill running is a lot better and I can feel my legs are stronger doing it.

The results after just 3 months are amazing! I have muscles in my arms that I haven’t had since I was 18.

From only being able to run for less than 30 secs in my first session, I managed to finish the race in less than 40 minutes!

I certainly have noticed a massive difference in muscle tone around my legs, hips and stomach – all areas that were previously a little soft. The training results have spurred me on to keep to my diet and as a consequence, I am now the lightest and tightest I have been since I was 16!

The results have been quite significant. In addition, the mental attitude developed during the training to better manage stamina for long periods has clearly increase a lot between before engaging with [my trainer] and after. On top of losing a few excess pounds, my energy levels are consistently much better now than they have been for a long time.

The training has helped the mobility in my back and I’ve enjoyed the interval training he throws in, too. It has really increased my fitness.

The results are amazing.