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employee wellbeing

A new range of employee wellbeing services to help HR professionals and management

We will help purpose a strategy and implement employee wellbeing campaigns that are cost-effective, targeted to your employees and impactful.

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd started 10 years ago, focussing on outdoor fitness training. As a personal training agency for many busy professionals in London, we delivered a high rate of return on their investment, through a back-to-basics, common-sense philosophy.

This philosophy is now applied to a new range of services offered to organisations to achieve increased wellbeing amongst staff at all levels.

Read our latest Case Study; IFSA-Butler University Calisthenics Workshop Nov 2016: Student wellbeing by Muddy Plimsolls

Our services include:

  • Corporate discounts on our range of personal training services
  • Supply of targetted wellness content for your intranet or inbox, promoting employee wellbeing and catered to your workforce, their locations and the type of job they do.
  • Welcoming relocating staff to London, assisting them in maintaining their fitness in a new environment.
  • Advising on effective wellbeing strategies and fitness initiatives for your staff.

These services draw from three important reports on the subject of employee wellbeing:

• Growing the Health and Wellbeing Agenda, Policy report; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 2016
• Health and Well Being Framework; Investors in People (Iip) 2014
• Building the Case for Wellness, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 2008, commissioned by the Health and Work Wellbeing Executive


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Muddy Plimsolls Ltd is very happy to be listed as a recommended Provider by Business Healthy. This City of London-led initiative provides City businesses with expert led workshops, member forums and a central resource hub through their website. Business Healthy’s Provider resource lists trusted health and wellbeing service providers for businesses of all sizes. Business Healthy brings together businesses in the City to ignite and support a positive change in the health & wellbeing of their workforce. Its members are City businesses looking to make a difference to the health of their workforce.
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