Outdoor exercise ideas come in the form of a new Ebook


Learn the basics with these 10 great tips

I’m very happy to announce Muddy Plimsolls’ first fitness ebook. This book is a unique approach to combining bodyweight (calisthenics) exercise with the particular requirements of training outdoors. The advice contained in these 10 Tips are the consolidation of years of training clients and ourselves.

Exercising outdoors has seen an incredible rise in interest over the last few years. Ordinary men and women are turning their backs on the traditional gyms and trying their hand at getting fit in their local park or green space. Even in their own garden.But outdoor exercise comes with certain special conditions. There’s almost no fitness equipment available to use. Even if you are lucky enough to have a trim trail or outdoor gym in your local area: how do you know how to use it?

In fact, outdoor exercise, whilst easy and accessible, also requires that you know a little bit more about performing the basic exercises. Because the foundation of an effective workout or training plan isn’t knowing 20 different varieties of an exercise like the push-up. It’s knowing how to make best use of the exercises you can already perform. That means the simple push up, the simple squat or lunge. Or the basic crunch or side twist.

Who’s this book for?

I’ve written these 10 Tips for an effective outdoor workout, with a number of readers in mind:

  • a runner who would like to work on toning upper body and ab
an exercise bootcamper who is finding those exhausting, ‘low skill level’ exercises are not getting the weight loss results they want
a fitness enthusiast who would like to improve their bodyweight abilities
an exercise newbie who wants to ‘get fit’ without joining a gym

Use these outdoor exercise ideas to radically improve your outdoor workout

That’s where this ebook comes in. In it, I describe 10 tips that I use with my clients to vastly increase the effectiveness of their workout. I don’t promise to ‘supercharge’ your workout or ‘blast fat’. I don’t promise secret exercises that no-one else knows. These tips describe the rock solid principles of progressive fitness training that all good fitness professionals rely upon, every day, with every client.

The information inside is the cumulation of years of training clients exclusively outdoors. And that includes myself: I have not had a gym membership in years, and train myself outdoors with minimal equipment. So I trust these principles implicitly.

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • How to really use the outdoor space you have to workout effectively
  • How to use the simplest of exercise routines but in the most efficient way
  • How to adapt important training variables like rest periods and tempo

Why is it called ‘Beyond The Push-Up’?

I have used the push-up as a practical example for many of the tips. It isn’t necessary for the reader to be able to perform push-ups. But I chose that exercise as a way of illustrating my training tips. Most people understand and know what a push-up involves.

The Muddy Plimsolls approach to training

Over those years, Muddy Plimsolls has had clients from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. From ex-Olympians, to exercise newbies wanting to lose weight. From new parents, to retirees, and those recovering from surgery and chemotherapy. Even clients seeking to improve fitness before joining the armed services. Our system has worked remarkably well for all levels of client. And whilst our approach is systematic, it is also pragmatic. Based on current science and thinking on fitness, but also rooted in commonsense and our experience.

I hope you can make use of these tips in your own training, and see some vast improvements to the quality of your workouts and the results.

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