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Is your workplace wellbeing strategy affected when gyms are fit to burst?

Around this time of year there is a traditional spike in gym attendance across the leisure industry. From September (and the start of the new school year) up to November (when the festive season starts to take its toll) some gyms, health clubs and fitness studios see a rise in attendance. There’s a dip across […]

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Getting the most from a personal trainer at home

A personal trainer at home can solve a lot of challenges – no matter were you live! Unless you have your own home gym or studio, fitness training at home will always come with some compromises. You may be living in a flat, a terrace or shared house. They all come with individual challenges. So […]

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What makes a safe and effective post baby workout

Post baby workout training mixes education with experience New mums are often keen to start a post baby workout programme as soon as possible. They want to work towards regaining their pre-baby body, addressing issues such as diastasis recti and improving energy levels. We, at Muddy Plimsolls, want to help, of course.  But we do […]

back to school parent fitness advice

Our 3rd annual Back to School parent fitness blog

In this post, we suggest some more ideas to help integrate a fitter you into your busy life as a parent. If your child is on a school team, or wants to improve his/her performance in the games lesson, then your own workout time can fold in some time with them. This could be done […]

Resolutions for New Year

3 tips on getting the most out of your partner workouts

Partner training (also called dual training) is when two clients attend a training session simultaneously with one personal trainer. This approach is growing in popularity amongst our clients and its easy to see why. Whether you’re training with your partner, friend, family member or work colleague, having a familiar face with you during your sessions […]

Outdoor fitness at

Our brand of outdoor fitness featured on

Muddy Plimsolls’ brand of outdoor fitness calisthenics and trim trail training comes to the attention of Selfridges customers. ‘Inspiration’ is’s weekly dose of fashion and lifestyle trends and new arrivals that the iconic store loves.

We’re a recommended Provider for staff wellbeing campaign ‘Business Healthy’

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd has been listed as a recommended staff wellbeing services Provider by Business Healthy. Business Healthy is the City of London-led initiative providing City businesses with expert led workshops, member forums and a central resource hub. Business Healthy’s Provider resource aims to list trusted health and wellbeing service providers for City of London […]

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