Our 3rd annual Back to School parent fitness blog

back to school parent fitness advice

Advice on parent fitness now that the school year has begun

Our annual Back to School parent fitness post returns for a third year to give time-strapped parents advice on fitting in exercise into their day as well as dropping off and picking up the kids.

Many parents come to us feeling they ought to improve their fitness and be a good example to their children. But, with the return of the school run and a more regimented weekly routine, this goals seems difficult to achieve.

In this post, we suggest some more ideas to help integrate a fitter you into your busy life as a parent.

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Train with your child to help them make the school team or get better at PE

If your child is on a school team, or wants to improve his/her performance in the games lesson, then your own workout time can fold in some time with them. This could be done after you’ve picked them up from school. Find a local park on the school run route to stop off and get training. Even a short session can really help you both.

At the younger ages, sports-related training is fun, being usually quick and skills-based rather focusing than strength and conditioning. You’ll definitely get yourself fitter and help build your child’s abilities and confidence at the same time.

Start using your garden to get fit

As London’s best outdoor trainers, we’re always suprised at how little gardens are used for exercise.

From, small courtyard gardens to long victorian terrace gardens, there are many opportunities to host an effective workout. You can lay down a mat, use a low wall for step-up aerobics, or hook up a suspension trainer to a stout fence post. Or all three. If you’re self-conscious about the neighbours seeing you, pick a spot where you wont be overlooked.

Join a parent’s fitness class

Many schools have outdoor space that could be used for a parents fitness class. Whether it’s a playground, sports field or court, join up for a class. Or talk to your school about arranging a small group session, maybe after school time when your child is at soccer practise.

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