We’re a recommended Provider for staff wellbeing campaign ‘Business Healthy’

City of London-led initiative to improve staff wellbeing adds us to it’s list of recommended Providers

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd has been listed as a recommended staff wellbeing services Provider by Business Healthy. Business Healthy is the City of London-led initiative providing City businesses with expert led workshops, member forums and a central resource hub. Business Healthy’s Provider resource aims to list trusted health and wellbeing service providers for City of London businesses of all sizes. The aim of Business Healthy is to bring together businesses in The City to ignite and support a positive change in the health & wellbeing of their workforce. Its members are City businesses looking to make a difference to the health of their workforce.

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd has been making lives better for individual hard-working Londoners for over 10 years. Now we bring our coaching, motivation and experience to organisations across the City and beyond. We are here to help design, promote and maintain wellbeing initiatives based around physical fitness that help your staff feel good and work better as well as contribute to the bottom line.

This is the effective, detailed and customised approach of personal training, applied to your organisation.

To arrange an appointment, book a call with us, or ask a question, please contact us.
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Call: 020 7491 1235

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