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How we get you to drop a stone in a month

Summer’s around the corner- how do you lose 14 pounds in a month? If a client comes to us with a genuine weight loss concern, then it usually comes in at around the 2 stone level. Phase 1 of training any new client is to see what their body is able to do, physically, then […]

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Time management solutions to help you follow an exercise plan even when you’re busy

We’re often approached by clients with very busy lives. Work demands, travel for work and pleasure, children and general busy-ness. It sometimes seems that these pressures squeeze out nay possibility of following an effective exercise plan and seeing any results. Putting aside diet for a moment, below you’ll find four suggestions for making the most […]

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3 tips on getting the most out of your partner workouts

Partner training (also called dual training) is when two clients attend a training session simultaneously with one personal trainer. This approach is growing in popularity amongst our clients and its easy to see why. Whether you’re training with your partner, friend, family member or work colleague, having a familiar face with you during your sessions […]

Client review – Liam learns calisthenics

Having lost quite a bit of weight earlier in the year, Liam now wanted to tone and strengthen. He was interested in learning calisthenics and good technique so that he could pursue solo training when not working with one of our trainers. Read our client review below. Liam choses a 4-session Premier Plan from Muddy […]

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Technical Trail Running : can you train in the city?

In the current issue of Trail Running Magazine, we offer advice on training for technical trails when you live in the city. The key is use your imagination.

Back to school fitness

Some more Back To School fitness advice

For most parents, new term has started for their children. Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary school, a new school-based timetable brings with it the opportunity to find some time to exercise for mum and dad. And September is a popular time for clients to book in some back to school fitness training with Muddy […]