Client of the Month

Client of the Month

For our Client of the Month feature, Muddy Plimsolls usually picks someone who has done exceptionally well at the end of a period of training with us. Perhaps achieving a weight  loss goal, or a personal best performance in a run. However, today we’d like to salute a new client who has just started with us.

AW is a 48 year who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and has also had an appendix removed this year.

The result has been a loss in weight following several weeks in hospital where she was unable to eat properly. Having just returned to work, she has recently enlisted the help of one of our training team to help her regain her strength, weight and her overall energy levels.

Crohn’s disease is a long-term condition that affects the digestive tract and can have some very severe symptoms. Our client’s training will have to focus on taking a long view on the journey. A considered, strength-building programme, is key, balanced just right so that improvements in strength don’t come at the cost of fatigue. In this case, a mix of Pilates and resistance band exercises have worked really well.

It really does take some commitment to exercise under those conditions which iswhy we’re happy to make AW our Client of the Month.

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