Time management solutions to help you follow an exercise plan even when you’re busy

We’re often approached by clients with very busy lives. Work demands, travel for work and pleasure, children and general busy-ness. It sometimes seems that these pressures squeeze out nay possibility of following an effective exercise plan and seeing any results. Putting aside diet for a moment, below you’ll find four suggestions for making the most of the time you have and working around your busy lifestyle.

Adapt your exercise routine to how busy you are

Many people embark on a fitness kick by gritting their teeth and fitting in as many trips to the gym as they can within a few short weeks. Most fitness professionals don’t take this approach at all. They look at the long view of training over the current season or the whole year. Then they break down the training into smaller units of time. This ‘periodisation’ of training can help the busiest of clients manage their fitness goals. Training can be grouped into intense, moderate or light programmes based around simply how much time the client has to spend on training.

Take a look at your diary for the year. Are there periods you can devote more time to exercise? These periods are where you can make your biggest strides to improving fitness.

Adopt flexible exercise times

An exercise session does not need to be at the same time on the same day for the same duration every week. Some of our clients prefer it that way as an approach to scheduling a busy work week, or to help with motivation. However, swapping an exercise time from one day to another, or shortening the session in order to make a meeting, is better than an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

Do not be discouraged if, by the end of the week, you did not exercise as much as you had planned. So long as when you did manage to exercise and you made the most of your exercise time.

Use fitness professionals in a targeted way

Hiring a fitness professional – be it one-to-one, semi-private or online – is the best way to manage results, performance and keep up to date with the best and safest ways to exercise. How you use such professional services is down to how you best respond to coaching. Some Muddy Plimsolls clients use a trainer for an intense, short period of time to maximise results. Others see a trainer less often but over a longer period of time to introduce variety into a fitness regime, keep their solo training efforts on track or have their dietary questions answered. Enquire now and find out how we can help fit exercise into your lifestyle.

Integrate exercise with family time

Cycling, walking, swimming, laser tag. Activities involving the family all count towards improving physical and emotional wellbeing. Keep the whole family active.

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd offers hard-working clients the opportunity to take time out to regain their energy and to look and feel better. We offer outdoors and at home personal training for all levels of fitness.

Enquire Now about our range of fitness services for weight loss, energy and strength.

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