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Primrose Hill park outdoor gym ticks a lot of outdoor training boxes

At Muddy Plimsolls, we’re dedicated to making outdoor exercise challenging, effective and fun. And trim trails can be a great way to liven up your outdoor training. The principle aim of trim trail is to get yourself over, under and through a series of static obstacles. Rather than picking up a dumbell in a mainstream gym, bodyweight exercises supply the resistance that will tone and strengthen your entire body. Primrose Hill park outdoor gym has one of the most varied and best equipped selection in London.

Overview of the exercise stations

There are low and high pull up bars, monkey bars, incline benches and balance beams. The recently renovated site will allow you to perform hundreds of exercises.  The ground is well turfed and soft enough for floor work without bringing a mat. The space is screened from the public gaze by hedges which give you enough privacy to try out new exercises without fear of falling on your behind in front of the whole of north London. Finally, there are male and female toilets and drinking fountains right next door. See photos of Primrose Hill trim trail on our outdoor fitness map, the best online resource for London’s trim trails and traditional outdoor gyms.

Making the most of Primrose Hill park’s trim trail

The major advantage of this site is the proximity of Primrose Hill itself. This challenging incline adds intensity for even our fittest personal training clients. During rest periods, we can admire the brilliant view of the city from the top of the hill or watch the great and the good of North London. The hill is often ignored by trim trail exercisers. But having the opportunity to mix hill sprints with outdoor gym workout is a rare find in London.

Keep the workout based on big, compound moves

At least, when you’re starting out. Exercisers at this location often focus much of their workout time on stations such as the parallel bars and monkey bars. Yes, these exercises are fun to add to a workout. But, if you’re looking to improve overall fitness conditioning and burn fat, these stations can slow down a workout and leave you open to injury.

Muddy Plimsolls offers effective mobile personal training

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