How we get you to drop a stone in a month

Summer’s around the corner- how do you lose 14 pounds in a month?

If a client comes to us with a genuine weight loss concern, then it usually comes in at around the 2 stone level. Phase 1 of training any new client is to see what their body is able to do, physically, then adapt an appropriate exercise programme around that. Below we’ve listed a few of the main steps you should expect if you want to achieve this impressive weight loss goal.

You’ll be combining lots of good behaviours in a very short time frame

Exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, eating clean and getting lots of sleep. You’ve heard it all before, but combining good behaviours with good behaviours keeps your resolve strong and multiplies their effects.

Where many people go wrong is not finding the right leverage that keeps them on the straight and narrow. “I want to lose weight because I’d like to be slimmer” is simply not a good enough reason to make so many changes to your life. It might be a reason to start a weight loss journey. But to complete the journey you need to find a strong, core reason that resonates within you on an emotional level.

You’ll be clearing your diary

This weight loss plan needs to be a priority. You have no time for distractions or, even worse, setbacks. You have a food diary and exercise schedule and usually other requirements (such as a sleep schedule) that will push out your usual week. If you’ve already established a strong emotional reason (see above) then it should be easier to follow your new schedule.

You’ll be getting strong cravings (for sugar, salt, caffeine, fat, not exercising etc)

We recommend that you recognise these cravings. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving in. And look for distractions.

You’ll be hiring a Muddy Plimsolls trainer

Exercise acts as a positive factor in all the above initiatives. It’s a hook on which to hang other good behaviours, it helps you keep focussed, it provides a distraction, it pushes out your old, fattening weekly schedule, it increases the calories you burn and improves the capacity of your body in burning even more calories.

With only 4.2 weeks to achieve this weight loss goal, you don’t have any time to waste following ineffective exercise programmes or half-hearted workouts. Our trainers keep you on track, accountable and enjoying the process.

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