How to lose weight before Christmas

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If you want to know how lose weight before Christmas, read on

The Christmas party season could possibly be the worst time for losing weight in the whole year. But, with a few weeks still to go, there’s plenty of time to see real gains in your fat loss and fitness goals, with losses of a stone or more occurring. Below we offer some advice for ramping up your fitness goals.

Plan out your workouts

Most people don’t plan their training beyond the week they’re in. At Muddy Plimsolls, we map out around 4 weeks of training in advance. By adding all your workout sessions into the diary in one go, you make a stronger commitment to your weight loss goals. It’s much more effective a motivator than the traditional ‘see you next week’ approach. It’s also a way of navigating through the endless Xmas parties and get togethers without feeling too guilty about indulging.

Step up the training

You may already run once or twice a week. But if you’ve been doing that for a few weeks at least, then the majority of the weight you were ever going to lose has already been lost. To tone up and lose weight before Christmas, it’s time to ramp things up: an extra exercise class, a longer run, some personal training! (a large number of our clients have personal training as a supplement to their own training).

Here’s our advice on losing weight (or at least not putting it on) over Christmas!

Schedule your ‘eat clean’ days, too

Pencil in the festivities you have lined up and you’ll see where the ‘good’ days will lie. Planning to ‘eat clean’ on these days will help balance out the indulgent days. It will also mean you can stock up on healthy foods and drinks in advance. You don’t want to wake up on a ‘good’ day and realise you only have last night’s party snacks in the fridge for breakfast.

Be flexible in scheduling your workouts

It’s all very well promising to yourself you’ll exercise at the same times and days, three times a week. But, between the school plays, getting work commitments finished by the end of the year, and preparing for Christmas, this time of year is hectic. Good intentions can wither on the vine. A good idea in order to fit in exercise is to train when you can. Changing up the days, times or even how long you train for can really help allow you to stick to a training schedule of 2 or 3 sessions in a week.

Enter into the process with a relaxed attitude

Fitness training ought to be fun. Weight loss ought to be exciting. Christmas ought to be fun. Don’t grit your teeth and try and make it through the next few weeks on sheer discipline. Relax. If you’ve already booked in your workouts, and balanced your diet against your festivities, then all you have to do is follow your diet and training.


Our range of personal training plans will help you with weight management before, during and after Christmas.

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