Running technique tips from Alison helps client take 20 mins off her marathon time

Welcome Alison, latest addition to Muddy Plimsolls

Welcome Alison, latest addition to Muddy Plimsolls

Muddy Plimsolls is known for its outdoor bodyweight programmes. But a fundamental part of the physical skills we teach all our clients is that of running. Learning to run will develop endurance, cardiovascular fitness, strength and burn calories, amongst other benefits.

With this in mind, we welcome the newest member of the Muddy Plimsolls team; Alison Harrow who covers Hackney and the City. Alison holds a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness Award and UK Athletics (UKA) Coach in Running Fitness Award plus UK Athletics Certification as Multi-Athletics Leader for the new AthleFIT Programme which aims to breach athletics to every member of the community. As a Personal Trainer and Group Running Coach across North, East and Central London, she devises running programmes and training plans, preparing clients for all the road race distances: 5k races; 10k races, Half Marathons; full Marathons. She has also worked on behalf of London Heathside Athletics Club and England Athletics. Recently, she has lead London’s ‘Urban Run Tour’ where architects run to places of interest to discuss architecture.

Boost your park run by learning the fundamentals

Alison places great emphasis on efficient running technique as part of the running learning curve. With just a bit of tweaking on running form , athletes can surprise themselves with being able to run faster and longer. Her approach certainly worked this autumn: her most recent success was helping a client beat her 10-year Personal Best by 20 minutes at the Berlin Marathon this year. Alison specialises in new runners, beginners and improvers – those that seek their first step on the ladder to running and those that don’t feel confident either joining a running club or entering a race.

You don’t have to run far, but we do encourage you to run well. An improvement in technique – quality over quantity – will stand you in good stead for many reasons. A greater chance of avoiding injuries, an enjoyment of running rather than a fear of exhaustion, and greater improvements with each run. This approach produces athletes who run longer, harder and safer.

How to start running

Elite runners make a note of what works for other runners and then develop a running style that suits their unique characteristics, not expecting a one-size-fits-all approach. This is achieved a number of ways, including an analysis of issues such as step length, hip flexor mobility, heel striking, overstriding, and cadence. Another key element is production of power to propel themselves forward and increase the time both feet are off the floor – flight time. It’s essential that this power goes into forward movement and not up and down. That’s why, when assessing running technique, we look at the top of the client’s head to see if it’s bobbing too much.

An emphasis on speed only comes when your technique has been improved. This approach minimises injury and the frustration that comes with beginner runners when they reach exhaustion too quickly. Alison, like all our Muddy Plimsolls trainers, knows how to get the best from her clients, whether they are advanced, intermediate or beginning running.

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