5 Essential Tips for Outdoor Body Weight Exercises

5 Essential Tips About Outdoor Body Weight Exercises.

Muddy Plimsolls was asked to present a video on behalf of the Guardian’s Wellbeing website. The theme was to give viewers an insight into how to exercise outdoors the right way. So I put together 5 essential tips for getting the most out of the most popular bodyweight exercises. These are the moves you see most often performed in local parks up and down the country. Which is why our video looks at, amongst others, running, push ups and pull ups.

However these exercises are often performed, shall we say, in a less than optimal way. So in this video I offer my advice on how to make your outdoor workout far more effective.

In writing these tips I kept in mind the following viewers:

• a runner who would like to work on toning upper body and abs
• an exercise bootcamper not getting the weight loss results
• a fitness enthusiast who would like to improve their bodyweight abilities
• an exercise newbie who wants to ‘get fit’ without joining a gym


BeyondthePushupSmall2 If you’d like more tips on how the Muddy Plimsolls approach to training can dramatically improve those body weight exercises you’ve been doing outdoors, read our book Beyond The Push-Up: 10 Great Tips to Achieve Your Most Effective Outdoor Workout
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