Muddy Plimsolls achieves trademark

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A brand or trade mark is the principal means by which a company can distinguish its goods or services to customers and develop its own unique ‘brand image’. Here at Muddy Plimsolls, as one of the leading personal training companies in London, we think a trademark helps “cut through the clutter” for clients looking for a personal training service. It ensures that new customers can get the same quality experience wherever they train by helping them find our company.

Recent research suggests that some 80% of small and medium sized businesses fail to register their trade marks. The majority cites the reasons as they felt it wasn’t important to their business, lack of time, lack of understanding of how to do go about it, or cost.

The IPO grants us a trademark

But we believe that anything we could do to help customers identify our service as being of a certain quality and standard was worth pursuing. So one of our goals last year as a company was to research and apply for a trademark. And we’ve got one! That’s right, we’re officially Trade Mark no. UK00003018340. Now new customers can quickly identify us as the original and the best and it protects customers from other companies using the name

We believe that future clients will have a positive feeling about our personal training service and doing business with Muddy Plimsolls because he or she knows what to expect before they buy a Training Plan from us. Because a trademark indicates a consistent level of quality to that service and our intention to be around as a serious, professional company for a very long time.

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