Ranking #1 on Google!

How Ranking #1 on Google is like getting fit

This week, we’re delighted to see that Muddy Plimsolls has reached the top spot in Google for the coveted and highly competitive keyword search term ‘London Personal Trainer’. We are officially Number One in Google’s natural (organic) listings. It’s been a long road to the top of listings, but along the way, we’ve found that working towards ranking in Google, requires the same kind of dedication as working towards getting fit. So here’s our top three tips for doing both!

Frequency wins every time

To rank in Google, frequently publish new content on your website. To get results in fitness, try exercising frequently, rather than in fits and starts. This is why we schedule your Training Plan across a period of 4 weeks. This kind of frequency of training is good for you – and makes the exercise habit easier to adopt.

Keep it varied

To rank in Google, vary your optimisation efforts across the board, including on-page SEO, external links, online press, guest-blogging, etc. To improve your fitness results, use this same approach, varying your workouts with a combination of cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility (amongst others).

Be Persistant

Stick at it! It’s taken us months to earn the top spot in Google for our preferred keywords. Now that we’ve achieved it, it seems totally worth the effort and time that we dedicated to it. And the time you dedicate to your workouts should be just as focussed on your overall goal – whether that goal will take you a few weeks or months to achieve.

There you go: the secret for ranking in Google and getting fit.