10% off ASICS shoes & gear

mud-splattered Asics shoes

A well-loved pair of mud-splashed & splattered Asics trail shoes, waterproofed with GoreTex.


Fitness footwear for all-weather Outdoor Exercise

Muddy Plimsolls knows how to do outdoor exercise right – and that means dressing for any conditions with the right clothing and footwear. London personal training company Muddy Plimsolls and co-founder Jason Doggett, recommends ASICS shoes, which are perfect for all-weather fitness training, in all seasons.

New Offer: 10% off ASICS shoes & gear

Muddy Plimsolls are happy to announce a brand new offer for our clients. In association with ASICS – one of the world’s leading innovators in training shoe technology – our clients will now receive 10% off ASICS shoes and gear, at their flagship store in London’s West End. All of our unique 4-week Training Plans, now come with an ASICS discount card, entitling our clients to 10% off ASICS’s advanced range of footwear and gear. Our clients can use their card to stock up on the best outdoor training gear, to maximise their outdoor training experience with Muddy Plimsolls.

The attention to customer service offered at ASICS’s flagship store, includes a 3D Foot Scan – using laser technology and micro cameras – and a Gait Cycle Analysis. This involves walking on a treadmill for a few minutes while your feet are filmed. The images are then analysed by an ASICS expert. Based on this analysis, shoes will be recommended that help reduce the risk of injury and improving running efficiency.

To claim an ASICS discount card, simply purchase one of our Training Plans online.

About Muddy Plimsolls

Our brand of outdoor fitness, the Muddy Plimsolls System (created and developed by Jason Doggett, Fitness Coach & Co-founder), includes a foolproof repertoire of simple exercises – some classic, some new and some rediscovered – to help clients get fitter, naturally. Rather than dragging indoor gym equipment outside into the park, we make best use of the urban park environment, to produce effective and efficient programmes for clients of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced. We are the only outdoor personal training company to operate exclusively outdoors in London’s Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill.


Since 1977, ASICS has striven to build upon their technological advances and push the limits on what they can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. ASICS’s innovations include shock absorption systems, anti-overpronation features, outsoles with Wet Grip® Rubber and water-resistant clothing. These are all heavily tested in their very own Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, where three-dimensional measuring systems are used to develop shoes with a perfect fit.


We are press-friendly, available and ready for comment: info@muddyplimsolls.com / 020 7491 1235.

Offer ends 31 April, 2012

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