5 Things You Never Knew About Being A Personal Trainer In Regent’s Park

Personal trainer Regents Park

5 things you never knew about being a personal trainer in Regents Park

We need a license [updated Sept 2014]

The Royal Parks have been running a license scheme for fitness operators for two years and Muddy Plimsolls wholeheartedly supports it. The license scheme helps protect customers by identifying those training companies that take outdoor exercise seriously. Muddy Plimsolls doesn’t just go out in to the park when the summer is here. Or when the gym is full. We’re out there throughout the year.

So remember to look out for the license on our trainers: it’s displayed as a brightly coloured armband by the trainer when they are working with a client.

We use the whole park

Outdoor training shouldn’t just be a case of laying down a mat in one corner of the park and performing some kettlebell swings. So we use a multi-site approach over a number of sessions. Moving from Chester Gate to the Boating Lake, or the Hub to St Andrews Place, opens up the advantages of different locations.

We train in all weathers

If outdoor exercise is to be most effective, it must be done regularly. And that includes during the winter or when the weather isn’t so great. Regent’s Park is very beautiful when covered in snow. And often deserted too! But we do have lots of advice about training in the changeable conditions of spring, autumn and winter.

The key is to pick the right exercise gear to protect yourself and for comfort. The outdoor training becomes a breeze. And after your session there’s always the Hub or the Smokehouse.

We use the space and the landscape of Regent’s Park

As I mentioned above, by moving around the park, our trainers can incorporate elements of the park in the workout. The jungle gym by Gloucester Gate, the long, straight sprinting track behind Regent’s Park zoo, the steep bank that surrounds the hub. Even the smallest of inclines of a grassy bank will be used. These are all features that Regent’s Park have we can use. But we do respect the benches and don’t encourage using them for step-ups.

We are 10x better than a bootcamp

Both bootcamps and Muddy Plimsolls use primarily calisthenics – bodyweight exercise. Which is why, from a distance, it can seem that bootcamps use similar exercises as our one-to-one training. But here is where the comparison stops. Because Muddy Plimsolls training goes far beyond the low-level ‘grinding’ exercises of the average bootcamp. We aim to improve your strength and endurance, but also your balance, speed, coordination and physical awareness amongst other physical abilities. The learning curve is much steeper with us.

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  1. Hey,
    Could you tell me exactly where the Jungle Gym is in Regents Park? It sounds great!
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Tuula,

    Yes, it’s a lot of fun. All my clients enjoy training on the Jungle Gym – even when they are doing inverted rows, like in the photo. If you’d like me to teach you this move, check out our Membership Plans.

    I’ll ask the office to send you a map link for the Jungle Gym’s location. If you come by and see me waiting for a client, say hello!

  3. Hi Jason,

    I’m a student in the US and will be living right in front of Regents Park in London during the summer. I saw your article on excercising in the park and the jungle gym and it looks great. I’m on a student budget and unfortunately can’t afford your services but wanted to ask you, if you don’t mind, where the jungle gym (and any other good work out spots in the park) are located as I can’t find them on the map.

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

  4. Hi Nico,

    In addition to keeping fit on the Jungle Gym (our office will email you a map link for the exact location), I’d recommend you check out nearby Primrose Hill, which boasts one of the best trim trails in London. Or for a change of scene go for a run alongside the Regent’s Canal.

    I remember being on a student budget myself, Nico! But if you’d like to make effective use of your exercise time, then keep in mind that our pay-as-you-go personal training plans are designed to spread the cost and fit round your monthly budget. Give us a call in the office anytime, to talk it over: 020 7491 1235.

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