Spring Fitness

Regent’s Park: Best for Wellbeing

Reviewed by Jason Doggett, Regents Park Personal Training

It’s a privilege training outdoors in Regents Park, watching the seasons change and finding time to notice  all the little things that are easily missed living in the city.

Regents Park Personal Training

Spring is here!  We’re out training in Regents Park and all around us the trees are showing the first signs of a new season.  There are pockets of crocuses everywhere, which we’re avoiding tramping on by accident.  We’ve been sprint training and doing shuttle runs underneath canopies of pink cherry blossom. Standing beside the flower beds in the English Gardens, working on core exercises, having just pounded out an intensive cardio workout, my client said:

“This is better than therapy – and you can quote me on that!” [comment by Jo Aylmer]

I believe that the beauty of our surroundings helped shift her focus, from concentrating solely on the routine of exercise, to being inspired by nature.  It’s experiences like these that make Regents Park personal training special.

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