Gym in a Rucksack

Gym in a rucksack

Getting out of the Gym – my story

In December 2007, I was training clients at a Central London gym. As the staff gathered for a bit of Christmas cheer, munching on our turkey-flavoured rice cakes, we were informed that the building had been sold and the gym would be closing down.  I realised that as my clients would scatter and disperse to a variety of other gyms, I was going to lose a lot of business.

Catalyst to change

Over Christmas, I had some hard thinking to do. The answer came in a present from my girlfriend: the Gymboss Interval Timer, a clever split-interval timer that only a personal trainer could get excited about. This cheap device, used creatively, rapidly became my most favourite piece of gym equipment – and I didn’t need an actual bricks-and-mortar gym to use it.  I had been moving away from using treadmills and resistance machines in my clients’ fitness sessions and my own personal workout for some time.  Instead, I was focussing on bodyweight exercises, some basic weight training routines and a low-tech/high-effect approach to programming exercise. With this style of fitness training, I could carry my gym around in a rucksack.

Outdoor Gym

So I took to the outdoors, making my gym stretch across London: its green spaces, local trim trails, hills and client’s homes. In the two years that have passed since that decision, I’ve added only a few pieces of equipment to my arsenal: a TRX System , some resistance bands, some sparring pads and mitts to create a gym in a rucksack. Although I haven’t set foot in a mainstream gym in all that time, and I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been.

Outdoor Alternative

You can turn your local park into your very own outdoor gym by working with a Muddy Plimsolls personal trainer. Contact us here.

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