‘Pre-season’ outdoor training embraces the autumn

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Achieve those 2015 fitness goals by switching up your outdoor training

Read on and learn how signing on as a new client this season gets you 20% off training plans.

There’s a sense of ‘back to normal’ about most people’s routines by September.

Whether its autumn school term re-starting, or returning from your last holiday, or attending the last festival of the summer, life seems to settle down for the next three months.

But what does that mean for your fitness goals? Your New Year’s resolutions may be a thing of distant memory. Or perhaps you had a really good run during the summer – working out, eating well etc. But if you feel that you haven’t quite achieved your fitness goals for 2015, don’t despair. There is still plenty of time to lose weight, get fit and feel a lot more confident about yourself before the end of the year.

Here’s how our trainers are helping clients keep on achieving right through the autumn.

Change your training focus

Perhaps the summer has been about cardio, or flexibility. Or you’ve been focussing on strength training. Well a change in season is always a great time to rethink the outcomes of your outdoor workout programme. Introducing new outdoor training competencies such as plyometrics, strength endurance or reactive training keeps the programme fun and stimulating.

Embrace the change in weather

We’re outdoor fitness trainers. That means we train in all weathers, in all seasons. The days may get shorter and the weather less predictable, but that also means we can indulge in some new training gear. Time to choose a snazzy new technical jacket, invest in some new workout trousers, or splurge on a warm running hat and gloves.

See your workouts as ‘pre-season training’

Athletes and professional sports people train mostly all year round. But ‘pre-season training’ has its own particular focus and goals. Your ‘season’ may not be the sporting kind (more likely its the festive season) but still, the idea is the same. Prepare for the party season, enter the festive period the lightest and most confident you have been for years (or ever).

We hope these ideas help you to re-imagine this time of year as a new beginning rather than a slide into winter.

And to help you with your autumn pre-season training, we’re offering new clients a huge 20% discount when they purchase three months worth of training, starting now. Simply complete our Enquiry Form and on the ‘Anything Else’ field just quote ‘Pre-Season Training’.

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