How Muddy Plimsolls makes the most of partner training sessions

How Muddy Plimsolls makes the best of partner training

Benefits of partner training sessions with a personal trainer

Having a personal training session with a partner or friend can be a great experience. There’s a bit of banter. A shared experience. A laugh. You get that with a Muddy Plimsolls training session anyway. But including a friend on your journey of getting fit helps some clients adhere more to training and dietary changes. And we’re all for that. However, from a trainer’s point of view, programming and directing a partner training exercises takes quite a lot of skill as you balance two clients at the same time. Read on to learn how we do it.

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How we tackle partner-based training

I’ve listed 3 tips showing how we, as a personal training company, put together a successful partner-based training session and ensure clients get the most from their partner training sessions.

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1. Keeping both clients in front of the trainer

As a personal trainer, you are taught to focus on your client to the exclusion of all others. Can it still be called personal training if there is more than one person to train? We think so. But the trainer has to be able to switch his/her focus quickly from one client to the other. So maintaining eye contact with both clients let’s them know that their efforts are noticed and noted. It’s a simple point that is easily forgotten.

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2. Progressing or regressing partner exercises as well as repetitions and rest periods

One client may perform 10 full push ups while the other performs 8 half-push ups. But what happens when one client finishes before the other? The trainer could let that client rest but if this happens consistently – and the one who finishes first is the fitter client – then we have the situation of the fittest person having the most rest. Whereas the less fit client is constantly working harder to catch up. Not a great experience. So by making changes to repetitions and rest periods, both clients work to a high level according to their own fitness level.

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3. Giving equal focus to both fit and less-fit clients

Partners are often of a different level of ability. We encourage each client to help and support the other when exercising. And by using a number of teaching techniques (such as staggering partner exercises – one of you rest awhile the other works) we ensure giving equal focus on both clients, whatever their level.

High standards with partner exercises

Partner-based training at Muddy Plimsolls must still fulfil all the criteria of our one-to-one sessions: thoughtful and effective programming, clear instruction and intelligent adaptations for each client. Each Muddy Plimsolls personal trainer must have a very specific skill set for partner-based training. He or she must evenly balance their attention so that both clients receive equal due care and instruction. From our point of view, then, there is a challenge in designing and implementing a training plan for two people at the same time especially if clients have different strength and fitness levels, respond to different styles of teaching and encouragement and have different goals.

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