Bootcamp Drill Sergeant

Boot Camp training in London

“I would have got fit at bootcamp, as I’d have run from the shouty, military instructors, never to return. One to one works best.” [comment by Muddy Plimsolls client, Jo Aylmer]

Harshness of Boot Camp Training

Have you ever seen ITV’s The Biggest Loser? I was reminded the other day of this competitive weight loss programme when one of the show’s fitness trainers jogged past me in Regent’s Park. I watched an episode online, interested to see how my television counterparts worked with weight loss clients.  Their approach to client management is different to mine. One trainer yelled “No Pain!  No Pain!  No Pain!” to an individual who was clearly in pain. Another shouted insistently that her client should “Go! Go! Go!” as the man wheezed on his exercise bike.

Ditch the Drill Sergeant

The harshness of a boot camp is not necessary, I believe, to obtain superb fitness results.  My personal training clients put up with a low-key approach avoiding poorly-timed high-fives and demands to “Give it 110%!” They endure the drudgery of a light humoured approach and some positive encouragement whilst getting in shape.

But what if my clients wanted a bit of drill sergeant and some London boot camp training? I’d have to work on my air-punching technique. Perhaps I should take a megaphone out to the park and practise yelling at tubby squirrels to “Drop and gimme twenty!”

Different Approach to Fitness

In the end, it’s just not my style.  As an Outdoor Personal Trainer, I achieve great results for my clients, without haranguing them.

“The first trainer I have worked with that really knows both the physical and mental elements of training. … intelligent and flexible approach … Every week our conversations range from the erudite to the absurd.” [comment by Muddy Plimsolls client, Jo Aylmer]

“Jason truly knows his stuff knows his stuff and is a fabulous motivator. He’s serious about his job… he respects your time and money and always makes sure to give you value re both … he is sooooo not the show-off body builder-type-of trainer, but approaches his training in an intelligent and genuinely informed way.” [comment by Muddy Plimsolls client, Ida Fabricius]

“He is not pushy, but does challenge you … and has definitely helped me improve my fitness and physique.” [comment by Muddy Plimsolls client, Lucy Redgrave]

Individual Attention & Guidance from

Muddy Plimsolls is now the largest London personal trainer agency and all of our trainers follow the same approach to customer service. Thy are punctual, polite and understanding. They are non-judgemental, they say the right things and are genuinely helpful. That;s our style.

[photo credit: Marine Boot Camp]
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