Regent’s Canal Fitness

Running alongside Regents Canal

An outdoor fitness location that’s a hidden gem

The towpaths that run along London’s canals and waterways are  unusual fitness venues for outdoor exercise, but one of my favourite choices.  I think the Regent’s Canal is an overlooked opportunity for people wanting to get outside to improve their fitness, seeking a change from the enclosed atmosphere of a mainstream gym.

Whole body conditioning workout, beside the water

Busy waterway beside the Regent's Canal, with canoeing and barges The stretch of the Regent’s Canal between Little Venice and King’s Cross is where I take my clients. We start with a walk or a run, then work on whole body conditioning using simple tools that I always carry in my rucksack: resistance bands, a couple of light weights, some hook and jab pads. I have earmarked three or four spots along the canal where we have the space to stop and perform step-ups, some push-pull work for the upper body or standing core exercises. Running up and down the steps that lead to street level provides great strength and toning for the legs and glutes, as well as a high level of cardiovascular fitness.

Get away from it all

Bike on Regent's Canal, parked beside canal boatsQuiet and picturesque, the odd chugging narrow boat passing by as the low winter sun strikes the water, the Regents Canal provides a break from city life.  It’s somewhere to get away from it all: no traffic, no petrol fumes. At times it feels like you’re exercising in your own private outdoor space.

Treat yourself

I understand that after his canalside work-out this past week, one of my clients ended up at the Waterside Café in Little Venice, treating himself to a guilt-free bacon & egg roll!

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