Rapid Weight Loss Programme

Rapid Weight Loss, depicted by clothing size toggles for XL, L, M & S

Working on a Rapid Weight Loss Programme

I relish the challenge of working with clients on our rapid weight loss programme. One of our clients who journeyed to fitness with us, took time to share her experience, saying:

“After two children and three stone, I decided it was time to get back in to shape. … The team at Muddy Plimsolls have been amazing through my journey to become fit again. … I’ve learned so much, not only about getting in shape, but also about how the different muscles connect and work. I feel confident I have the tools to continue exercising on my own and the knowledge I gained from Jason will benefit both me and my family for the rest of our lives. The results after just 3 months are amazing! I have muscles in my arms that I haven’t had since I was 18.”

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Making & Seeing Changes

Making small, significant changes to eating habits and learning how to exercise, in order to maximise weight loss and improve posture and fitness, is usually a groundbreaking experience. Even from the perspective of ‘trainer’ – arguably the person on the periphery – it’s exciting to be involved. A fundamental process of change is happening in someone’s life, right before your eyes.

Tips on Keeping Focussed

Keeping my personal training clients focussed is paramount. I offer a few logistical tips for encouragement and weight loss success:

  • Don’t wait for a ‘clear’ spell to open up in your diary, in order to start your weight loss programme. You’ll find that a long lost aunt’s birthday throws off your entire plan.
  • Mark the end date of your weight loss programme in your diary and cross out the days you complete, to foster a sense of achievement, purposefully moving towards your goal.
  • Plan a reward (not food-related) for the completion of your weight loss programme and put it in your calendar as an appointment: a shopping trip to Marylebone, an exhibition at the British Museum, or a West End show.

If you’re considering embarking on a rapid weight loss programme, I’d advise viewing such an experiment as a learning process – a step towards adopting healthy habits and good attitudes long-term.  Focus on the short-term goal of reducing body fat, but keep in mind how you can apply what you’re learning (about exercise, about nutrition, about yourself) to a long-term solution, that will keep you happy.

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