Glowing Reviews by our Clients

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Since 2006, we’ve received lots of positive vibes and glowing reviews about our outdoor calisthenics training. Read our clients’ fitness stories and discover why our clients think we’re the best personal training in London!


Strength & Conditioning

Glowing Reviews by our Clients

Our ‘Strength and Flex’ program is a challenging program of 100+ bodyweight exercises designed to increase strength, build muscle and burn fat.

What prompted you to choose personal training and did you have any reservations about doing so?
It’s been something I’ve done 2-3 times in my life and with great results. I moved to London a year ago, and had done exercises here and there but didn’t have anything consistent. I just got cast in a film for October and felt out of shape – I need to be in great shape for the film so thought this was the best alternative.
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How has your trainer helped you with your fitness?
She comes with a new list of workouts everyday that we train together which keeps it fresh and new. She challenges me everyday to do something new that I haven’t done before, and is super encouraging. I feel stronger, am able to walk up steps without getting out of breath and feel better all around.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome by training with us? (e.g. weight loss, improvement in strength, feeling of increased energy)
I see definition in my shoulders for the first time in my life. My legs are toned and defined and I’ve definitely lost an inch or two around my stomach. The next challenge is losing those evil love handles! But my energy has increased ten fold, and exercising has made me realise how much I actually wanted to stop drinking. So overall, it’s been a huge lifestyle change.

Are there elements of our customer service that you have liked? (ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care)
Bookings are super easy, the flexibility in moving one session into the next has been great and love the follow up.

Would you recommend our service to others and if so for what reasons?
Definitely. Customer service and quality of trainers are top.

Meagan, Advertising, 14 August 2014

Exercise fanatic Meagan, wanted to lose a stone and have a six pack, in time for an upcoming film role. Having completed a Tough Mudder race recently, she felt the need to jump back into fitness with our Max Training Plan - our most intensive training programme consisting of 12 sessions over 4 weeks.

What prompted you to choose personal training? Did you want to work on anything in particular?
I wanted to get high quality personal training tailored to my needs. And getting a personal trainer was surely the only way to get me out of bed at 6 o’clock in the morning.Read more

What’s your experience of your trainer?
My trainer comes across as someone with a huge amount of experience who knows what he is talking about and is always able to show me new exercises. So far I have never done the exactly same session twice. He is always pushing me to the max which makes the sessions very useful.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome by training with us?
Weight loss: shirts which were almost too small now fit perfectly within only two months
– Muscles are definitely stronger now and the body starts to be in a good shape
– Nutrition tips helped additionally to achieve surprisingly good results

What’s your experience of our provision of service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Good: easy to book, fast replies, flexible scheduling

Do you have any suggestions that you think would improve our service?
Overall I am very happy with the training and the results I achieved over the past 2 -3 months have been surprisingly good.

Dominik, Auditor, 12 April 2014

Dominik was our first new client of 2014 and was looking for fast results before he returned to his native homeland and a new job. He was already a committed outdoors exerciser with skiing, hiking and running as his interests. Choosing an Optimum Training Plan, over the last three months he's kept to a twice-a-week training schedule and can see results by the fact that his work shirts now fit perfectly!

What prompted you to choose personal training? Did you want to work on anything in particular?
[I am] bored with gyms and like to be outside. I like being able to arrange for a convenient time rather than stuck with a gym schedule. I wanted to work on strength as well as general fitness but weights are boring and weight areas in gyms always packed and frankly intimidating.Read more

What’s your experience of your trainer?
Professional and knowledgeable. Able to come up with a training session that moves fast enough not to get dull but consistent enough to feel like progress is being made.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome by training with us?
Definitely stronger – I am working on being able to do pull ups and I am certainly making progress. My general fitness is improving too–my uphill running is a lot better and I can feel my legs are stronger doing it.

What’s your experience of our provision of service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
My experience with these has been very good. I have been easily able to adjust the training schedule for school holidays, and the odd random child sick day.

Do you have any suggestions that you think would improve our personal training London service?
No, I am pretty happy so far.

Miriam, Full-time Mum, 15 March 2014

Miriam's training over the last seven months has focussed on all-over conditioning and, as a fun, personal challenge; developing the pull-up. She has a great attitude in our sessions. And, despite balancing a busy schedule of house renovating and three small children, she's always managed to successfully take all of the sessions within her Premier Training Plan.

“I wanted to improve my physical condition. I believed that regular set meetings with a trainer would be a source of motivation to go out and exercise, especially on a grey rainy day where I would probably stay in if I was training alone.Read more

I also wanted to have someone giving me exercises appropriate for my condition. It is proving to be very good. I have trained on a regular basis with Jason for more about 20 months now and it is an enjoyable experience.

Jason’s training style is concentrated on a variety of exercises with small sequences. It allows a good work out without feeling completely exhausted at the end of the session. Jason also explains what the different techniques are achieving so it makes it more interesting. First achievement is that I exercise on a regular basis as I can not find excuses not to go out, secondly definitely improvement in strength. I guess it plays a big role that Jason has interesting conversation which contributes to make the whole experience more pleasant. As a non native English speaker, I particularly value that there is also some linguistic benefits for me!”

Florence, Insurer, 11 February 2014

Florence has trained in some of the most challenging weathers we've experienced here at Muddy Plimsolls, including this January's wettest in a hundred years. But she has always had a positive attitude and put in a consistently good performance. And her strength and stamina have really benefitted. She's also had to work through some challenges, including being thrown from a horse! Don't let her comments about learning English fool you: her English is excellent.

“After a few signs from my body such as an elbow fracture, a double hernia and other annoying things, I was at the same time invited to go and hike a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail between South Lake Tahoe and Tuolumne Meadows, California. In the meantime, my osteopath recommended I look into having a personal trainer a few months ahead of this 13 day autonomous wilderness adventure and I found Muddy Plimsolls! The aim was to spend a little more than 3 months to get in shape to carry a 40lbs+ rucksack and go backpacking… safely on all fronts…
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The results have been quite significant. In addition, the mental attitude developed during the training to better manage stamina for long periods has clearly increase a lot between before engaging with Jason and after. On top of loosing a few excess pounds, my energy levels are consistently much better now than they have been for a long time.

As a trainer, I found Jason’s sense of enquiry and commitment to be consistently mindful of any niggles to be extremely supportive of my first goal. I also found his approach and attitude towards my training to be perfectly in tune with my expectations. I do not use this word lightly and I would say: perfect!

The provision of service by Muddy Plimsolls is also excellent. From the first enquiry than was promptly and attentively answered to regular flexibility to adapt to my… sorry… often changing availability, to regular customer care, eg. recommendations to support the work done in between sessions to be more than satisfactory. Thank you both!

So, thank you very much and … keep at it!”

Jos, business development, 17 January 2014

Jos had initially started working with us to help him to tackle the gruelling Pacific Crest Trail hike. After his successful trip, he's gone on to develop his fitness for the ski slopes, and for his busy work life as a business owner.

“I’ve started training with Muddy Plimsolls and absolutely loved each of my training sessions.
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I have a great trainer who truly understands my needs and knows how to motivate me.

Jason is knowledgeable about all aspect of fitness and gave me some excellent advice regarding nutrition. He inspired me to change my mentality about food and I’ve now got into a more natural and healthier habit.

I’ve always been active but not an an athlete – but this doesn’t matter, as [in my training with Muddy Plimsolls] I am treated like one.

I must say: I found a professional trainer with the winning combination. Most definitely worthwhile – plus training at Primrose Hill … priceless.”

Maielle, manager, 12 July 2013

Maielle started training with us to kick-start her summer fitness regime. We're delighted to report that her fitness tests show an astonishing level of improvement since the beginning of her training with us, just a few weeks ago in London.

What were your primary fitness goals when you contacted Muddy Plimsolls?
To improve general level of fitness and feel younger.
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Can you describe how your training has focussed on those goals?
It has got me exercising a couple of times a week and helped me gain a better understanding of movement, flexibility, strength, fitness etc.

What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Jason is a great trainer. Sessions are never boring – he always has new exercises. He’s encouraging and seems to pitch the volume of activity at exactly the right level pushing me much harder than I would do myself, but without going too far. Exercise also feels very safe – no injuries in 18 months.

How do you feel about any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome by training with us?
Great. I feel fitter and in general more energetic and more mobile.

If there were certain things we did well, what were they?
Variety, a good level of intensity.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Very good. Very flexible and willing to adjust around my busy, moving schedule.

Mike, finance, 30 May 2013

Wanting to improve his general level of fitness - particularly for his snowboarding weekends away from the city of London - Mike started training with us, following a recommendation from a colleague.

“I love being outside in the elements. It’s always a challenge to get out there in the cold, but once I’m there, I’m always glad I did.

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I enjoy the sessions with Jason. He varies the program and uses the park well, making it interesting. He is also very conscious of how I’m feeling on the day, pushing me, but watching carefully.

The training has helped the mobility in my back and I’ve enjoyed the interval training he throws in, too. It has really increased my fitness.

Efficient, online payment and service. It’s great.”

Helen, insurance, 27 November 2012

“I wanted to improve my physical condition and better develop my running skills.

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First of all, Jason taught me some exercises which I had not known before. Then he conceived a special programme which is very useful for me. Performing these learned exercises, my running results have become better.

This was a great experience. I highly recommend Jason Doggett.”

Danut, legal, 6 September 2012

Danut is an international client of ours, from Romania. He booked his personal training to coincide with a working holiday in London, with the intention of learning about outdoor fitness.

“I really don’t enjoy the gym and being outside for an hour makes so much difference. Having a personal trainer means that I’m exercising properly, instead of just going for a half-hearted run!
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Jason really thinks about the person he’s training – what you want from the sessions, what your body can handle and your fitness levels. I see and feel a definite improvement in strength and fitness.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Brilliant! Really really helpful!!!”

Claire, manager, 9 May 2012

Simply looking to get fit and toned, Claire approached us wanting discernible results, as swiftly as possible. Working with the help of her regular feedback, we pitch her personal training at a level that makes her feel physically challenged, but not overwhelmed.

“Why did I choose outdoor personal training? I’ve been trying to return to fitness training several times and I had the time to invest in a proper training scheme to get a head start. I am not disciplined to just take a run, and going to the gym is something I always do (and did not get the results). I was not fit enough to enjoy bootcamp. I tend to push myself too hard and was going to injure myself. I needed a professional.
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I can say I achieved my goal of regaining fitness and strength. I tend to suffer quite a bit from my knee and back when I am untrained. And I am now more confident that I can restart my training without worrying about it.

Jason is extremely experienced and knows what he is doing. Having used personal trainers before, he is not just another fit guy sharing his experience. I had personal trainers like that before and they are pretty much the same as reading a men’s health magazine. Jason knows how to not only adapt to your fitness level, but also ramp you up, in a safe way, while making sure you achieve your goals. I think the best example of my perception of Jason as a trainer, is that I would definitely recommend him to guide the training of – let’s say – my older parents, or the post natal training of my wife. He is also fun to have around.

This was a great experience. I really enjoyed myself and Jason was the key support I needed to achieve my fitness goals. I will definitely recommend this service if I have the chance.”

Steven, banker, 15 November 2011

An experienced gym-goer, Steven was looking for professional guidance to help him regain strength – safely. He shares his story of training intensively, over a period of 8 weeks, before starting a new job in London.

“I need the discipline of personal training. I started with Jason in 2006. I had lost a lot of muscle following a big operation a few years later and have now regained that and am much fitter and happier.
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Jason’s approach & attitude towards my training is very good indeed. He’s understanding and sensible and remembers stuff; good company as well.

I intend to continue. The service is all good.”

John-2011, lawyer, 10 September 2011

Training with us helps John maintain his own fitness discipline. He’s a long-term client, who’s been training with us for 7 years. We helped him regain muscle and a good level of fitness, following an operation.

Why do you choose to invest in outdoor personal training?
Helps motivation, better flexibility in a busy life.
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What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Very positive, great variety, avoiding injuries, flexibility with timing.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome since training with us?
Feel more fit and more concentrated at work.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?

V good

Gorm, investor, 27 May 2011

Why do you choose to invest in outdoor personal training with us?
Because Jason’s is a holistic approach [that] trains the entire body.
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What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Very motivated, very thoughtful, engaged, competent. 5 points out of 5.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome since training with us?
I certainly feel fitter than before.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Quick good responses.

Frank, director, 16 May 2011

“I decided to look into getting a personal trainer to kick-start a long standing promise to get fit. I found Jason through the internet and really liked the website, the blog and the way he came across, so I booked an initial session.
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I’ve always had a slightly dodgy knee and Jason’s knowledge and experience meant that each session took this into account. He is genuinely interested in how you progress in your level of fitness and tailors each session to your personal goals/targets, giving you challenges that working out in a gym doesn’t. Being out in the many London parks also adds another dynamic to the training.

My own target was to run a 5k charity race, and I had 7-8 weeks to achieve this. I wanted to combine this with general strength-building. Jason came up with a program that suited both my schedule and physical ability. Throughout the weeks building up to the race, I found the sessions to be motivational, achievable and challenging. And from only being able to run for less than 30 secs in my first session, I managed to finish the race in less than 40 minutes!

I have found all aspects of Muddy Plimsolls to be very professional and Fiona who co-ordinates the bookings etc has been incredibly helpful and friendly.”

Michelle, teacher, 25 July 2010

“My personal training sessions with Jason, are taken at a time and venue that suits me. Each session is an hour long, including warm-up and stretch.
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I choose to have my training in Regent’s Park, because each time is totally different – a seemingly infinite resource of exercises to stretch, tone, strengthen and exercise my body.

Jason is very inventive, using portable equipment together with nature and other ‘props’ like a jungle gym in the park, to provide variations to exercises in order to challenge me. This flexibility of routine means that I am never bored doing the usual mundane or routine reps that one associates with training – and dare I say, it’s actually fun (well sort of)!

Jason knows anatomy and the workings of the human body, which ensures that I exercise safely and correctly whilst maximising results. He tailors every session according to my needs: depending on my progress and any medical conditions or injuries. He also devises programs for me to meet certain goals (eg: running a marathon), covering my diet as well as fitness.

I have trained with Jason for over 2 years and have found him very personable and easy to get on with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness (and indeed have done so).”

Juliey, banking, 1 April 2010

“I came across Muddy Plimsolls, last year, while I was recovering from an injury sustained at the gym.
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Jason was very positive and sympathetic. He listened to my concerns and took on board what I was aiming to achieve, following my physiotherapy. As a climber, I have certain muscle groups to focus on when training. He explained how we would train to get me stronger. He also took the time to discuss my progress with my physiotherapist, so that he would have a total understanding when it came to starting training.

I have found the sessions with him to have been both extremely professional and most beneficial. I am now back climbing and training – fitter and stronger than before.”

Helen, climber, 13 February 2009

“Jason has been my personal trainer for more than a year… and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Jason is serious about his job… he respects your time and money and always makes sure to give you value, re: both… he is sooooo not the show-off body builder-type-of trainer, but approaches his training in an intelligent and genuinely informed way… he truly knows his stuff and is a fabulous motivator… Jason is a great and very charming guy, not in an intimidating kind-of-way, but just enough to make you want to push yourself and put in that extra bit of effort, which makes you sweat… a session with Jason not only gives your body a push to stay fit, but your mental health is lifted too, so after the session you happily pay up to book the next!”

Ida, interiors, 7 March 2008

“After a number of unsuccessful sessions with other personal trainers, I have found Jason Doggett to be excellent! He has the right balance of patience, understanding and drive that I need. His techniques have made a real difference to my well being, health and fitness in a very short space of time. I would recommend Jason to anyone thinking of using his expert services.”

Simon Hamilton, director, 13 February 2008

“Jason is a star; just the right balance between encouragement and pressure. Jason has been working with me for more than 2 years and has certainly helped hugely towards a marked improvement in my health and fitness.”

John-2008, lawyer, 31 January 2008

“Jason is a true professional in his training and his approach to physical fitness. His attention to the important elements of health, strength and fitness is designed to make a difference across the board rather than simply attending to vanity. The result is total body fitness and health. Ultimately, that is what makes a great personal trainer.”

Dan Wagner, entrepreneur, 30 January 2008

Weight Loss

Glowing Reviews by our Clients

To transform your body, we keep you motivated and moving – jumping, skipping, pushing, pulling, stepping, twisting – with a clever and fun mix of exercise sequences at different intensities. Our structure for every session means you’ll burn maximum calories and feel energised after your 60 minute personal training workout, in the heart of London.

What were your primary fitness goals as a bride?
To tone up, lose some weight, and to look and feel healthy.
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Can you describe how your Muddy Plimsolls training focussed on those goals?
From the outset we worked back from the wedding, and the timings of dress fittings / key dates. We worked through a series of exercises that worked on body areas that I would have no idea how to impact with ‘normal’ exercise, but make a big difference when you’re in your wedding dress (and of course, beyond).

What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Jason is great – I’d never worked with a personal trainer before and was slightly nervous about how the experience would be. I find Jason encouraging, knowledgeable, informative, and importantly non-patronising. He checks in on your goals, how you’re feeling, whether you’re seeing a difference, and key areas that you still feel need more work. If there’s key aspects to work on or focus on, he’ll alter the programme accordingly. He also gave me a programme that I could do in my time between sessions which helped with momentum.

As your wedding approaches, how do you feel about any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome by training with us?
I feel great. Everyone has commented on how different I look, but in a good way! I am definitely slimmer but most importantly more toned, and certainly more confident about how I will look at my wedding and on honeymoon. By talking through the nutritional aspects and coupling this with other exercise, I feel like we’ve designed the right programme for me as an individual over the past couple of months. And I feel like I’ve achieved a lot in the time. Most importantly I feel and look healthy.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Really straight forward.
Easy, good customer service, flexible on timings and bookings.
Payments really straight forward.
Liked having the tailored programme to do in my time.

Ruth, marketing - 1 July 2013

Ruth was attending fittings for her vintage wedding dress, from the beginning of our personal training together. It was important to her that she look great in the dress and feel confident on the day. We achieved this by working on toning - and particularly - slimming and flattening her waist. Ruth complimented her weekly sessions with a fitness-homework programme that we structured for her, including an ongoing review of her diet.

“I have always been slim, but never able to get rid of that last 7lbs. With my wedding approaching at the end of May, I decided that I needed some help!
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I love the idea of training outside – getting away from the gym and all the grunting men staring at themselves in the mirrors of the weights room.

Jason has been a breath of fresh air and has transformed my body in a very unique way. Jason really stuck with me and made me feel he was as committed as I was to getting me where I wanted to be. He is personable and the consummate professional – although a lovely bloke he will never let you slack off!

I certainly have noticed a massive difference in muscle tone around my legs, hips and stomach – all areas that were previously a little soft. The training results have spurred me on to keep to my diet and as a consequence, I am now the lightest and tightest I have been since I was 16!

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Fiona has been fantastic and looking after me has not been easy for her. In week 2 of my training, I had a cycling accident and fractured my foot. Fiona was sympathetic and kind, rescheduling my training sessions to suit the recovery. In addition, Jason reworked my programme and still managed to train me whilst I was on crutches – as I was determined to carry on and he ensured I did this in a safe and productive manner.”

Laura, film publicity, 15 May 2012

This Bride-to-be wanted to look toned, fit and fabulous on her Wedding Day. Laura was looking to get rid of those last few, stubborn pounds. She chose to train intensively with us, during the month leading up to her wedding.

“I wanted to try personal training so that it’s concentrated on me. It’s too easy to hide in a class and not put the effort in if you’re tired, but if it’s one on one, there is nowhere to hide! I need someone else to push me.
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Training outdoors is better because you’re not competing with a room full of others who might be running faster, or lifting more weights. And you have a nicer environment to look at while you are training, rather than a room full of sweaty people and lots of mirrors!

I would describe Jason as tough but fair. He takes into consideration how you are feeling on the day and pushes you to within those limits. I’m amazed at how energised I feel after a training session, even if I was tired to begin with, and the fact I don’t feel totally wiped out but yet, I still ache slightly from exercise the next day. He also explains what it is you are doing and what it’s for and why it works, which is also good. It’s good to get the positive encouragement also, not only for exercise but a nutrition check on a weekly basis, as a reminder to eat well.

It’s still early days but after my first four weeks, I can do my belt buckle up one more notch, which is amazing. I’m waiting to see what changes the next four weeks bring! I also feel a lot more awake and energetic, which was one of my main aims.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Fiona has been lovely and very encouraging. Always nice to talk to her when I call. Excellent customer care.”

Amy, digital producer, 1 February 2012

Amy started training with us as a complete beginner. Over her first 4 weeks of personal training in London, she shares her experience of losing weight and feeling energised!

Why do you choose to invest in outdoor personal training with us?
I love being outside but really wanted to learn how to build up certain muscle groups and improve my fitness. I also enjoy having the motivation of having to meet a trainer.
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What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Incredibly friendly and approachable. Really listens and adapts his style based on individuals. Very knowledgable. Motivating and fun to train with.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome since training with us?
I now have a “two pack!” I have also improved my balance and muscle tone. More than anything I am very keen to continue. I see it as a personal challenge to outdo myself.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Incredibly friendly service, very flexible and easy to deal with. A big thank you to both Fiona and Jason.

Sarah, NHS manager, 27 May 2011

We've created a targeted exercise programme, especially for Sarah, as she wants to develop very specific muscle groups. She has fun personal training with us – and is delighted with her flat tummy ‘two-pack’!

“With a pressured and sometimes unpredictable job, my weekly session with Jason, gives me the chance to re-focus on my fitness goals on a regular basis and to have some “me time”.
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No two sessions are alike, as he varies both content and pace to suit how I’m feeling and to keep things interesting. The result is that, no matter how tired I am when I start, I finish feeling more motivated and energetic – and that I have achieved something.

Although I haven’t reached all my goals yet, since starting out with Jason, I have lost weight and gained in fitness and I intend to continue with both.

Definitely highly recommended!”

Lucinda, financial services, 29 January 2008

“I am very happy to recommend Jason, having had him as a personal trainer for three years. Some of Jason’s main strengths are: quickly understanding your specific personal training needs; keeping it interesting by trying new things and using a wide range of training styles; and being a really nice guy. He is not pushy, but does challenge you – which is one of the main reasons for having a personal trainer! Jason makes training fun and fulfilling, and has definitely helped me improve my fitness and physique, which is exactly what I set out to achieve.”

Lucy, careers advisor, 29 January 2008

Fitness Over 40

Glowing Reviews by our Clients

Muddy Plimsolls teaches a system of exercise for clients 40+ to improve strength, boost mental wellbeing and combat middle-aged spread.

I have chosen to pay for personal training because I know without the motivation of an appointment and a person waiting for me, I would find all kinds of reasons not to train. It’s important to me that I do gradually improve my fitness but I don’t know if I would actually do it without Jason’s help.
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I really enjoy being outdoors. I’ve been to gyms before and find them hard going. This time, having been indoors quite a lot getting over surgery, I really wanted to spend time outside. Even though our first sessions were nearly always in the rain, being in the park is so enjoyable. I’ve even stopped being embarrassed to try park push-ups.

I was quite nervous about training. I have been undergoing medical treatment for six months, followed by some major surgery. On top of that I am a middle age-ish lady, never completely fit to start with. What I have really appreciated about Jason is that he pushes me, but not so that I feel frustrated. He is encouraging but not patronising. I like that he has his own ideas about what works in terms of training and is happy to suggest a range of different exercises. He also explains really clearly why we are doing what we are doing.

I’ve been training with Jason for about eight weeks. We have one session a week. I feel like I am gradually getting stronger and able to do a bit more each time. I suspect it feels like slow progress to him (although he never says that) but I feel like I am fitter and better able to cope with my long-term recovery. I recently completed the Nightrider Bike ride, 55 miles around London at night.

Excellent service. Very flexible.

Anne, charity fundraiser, 27 June 2012

Anne has been personal training with us, during the summer months, in London. We love her positive attitude and determination to work on her fitness, following a major surgery. And her push-ups have come along in leaps and bounds!

“When I started looking for a trainer, I decided that I spend enough time inside and would love to exercise outside. I am also gym averse and have spent money in the past on memberships, which I could have just put into a hole in the ground! I would have got fit at bootcamp as I would have run from the shouty, military instructors, never to return. One-to-one works best.
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Being outdoors makes all the difference to me – I like being out in the elements and I like the unexpected encounters with other park users (particularly beagles)! I know that training three times a week when I first started made a big difference to me feeling much fitter, tightening up those annoying overhangs and seeing a change in the shape of my arms. I am very against bingo wings.However, I know that even training once week makes a difference and the earlier, more intense period, created an overall strength.

Jason is a consummate professional and yet he is both relaxed and approachable. He is the first trainer I have worked with that really knows both the physical and mental elements of training. His intelligent and flexible approach allows him to respond to how I am on the day, eg adapting exercise around a sore hip or around two glasses of red wine the night before. Jason is not your average trainer! Every week our conversations range from the erudite to the absurd. All this means that, for me, training really has been ‘better than therapy’!!

Service is excellent! It’s all good.”

Jo, homeopath, 29 June 2011

Exercising with us intensively in the beginning, made a big difference to Jo's feeling of fitness: tightening up overhangs and seeing a change in the shape of her arms. Now she maintains her fitness by personal training once a week, sporadically taking breaks for half-terms and school holidays with she's out of London.

“Whilst I run, swim and belong to a gym, the challenges and variety I get from training with Jason in Regent’s Park, give me results that far exceed any of the other training I do. With Jason as my trainer, my training is structured in such a way that I can perform and reach the goals we have set out.
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Jason has trained me on a regular basis for almost seven years. During this time he has remained totally focused with a professional manner, with constant and well-thought-out moves, using the park as our gym. He’s helped me achieve my aim of keeping healthy, fit and strong.

It would be impossible to say: “we did this on Monday and that on Friday,” [as] Jason adapts our sessions, ensuring [each] session is fulfilling, regardless of the weather or what type of day I have had. He is different and if you give him 100%, he gives you 100%. The results are amazing.

Muddy Plimsolls provide a first class service.”

Colleen-2011, civil servant, 1 June 2011

A fitness enthusiast, Colleen started personal training with us in her late-forties and is now in her 8th year of working with us. Keeping super-fit and healthy is of paramount importance to her. She relies on us to keep her challenged.

“Training with Jason is much more fun than running on your own! I was seeking to maintain a decent level of fitness despite a sedentary job. Jason’s approach is thoughtful, which results in a personalised and non-repetitive program. He’s also always on time, which is key as I have limited time available.”

Bella, banker, 10 May 2011

“Since starting to work out with Jason, I feel more toned than I have ever been, despite the early onset of middle age! This is particularly remarkable given that my hour-long workout with Jason is the only resistance-based workout I do in a typical week.”

TF, female lawyer, 27 October 2009

“Jason is a top-class trainer. He’s genuinely interested in your progress, easy to talk to about your personal goals, and is always coming up with new and highly creative workouts.”

Judith, writer, 8 February 2008

“You have been training me for nearly 2 years now – and as you know, I am retired – however, I have had many trainers over the many past years and I will give you fine applause as one of the finest trainers I have come across. I find you are very very clever and slowly stretch your clients to their maximum, without being flash. And I find you have very good knowledge how to make your clients reach their goals without feeling knocked out.”

Stewart, retired, 3 February 2008

“Jason has been training me for two years. As a 48 year old woman, keeping fit and healthy is very important to me. My sessions with Jason are always looked forward to, as they are challenging (without being exhausting), appropriate, well planned and varied. He has helped me achieve goals that I thought were beyond my capabilities. Whilst training, he is always professional whilst being good company at the same time. Being a shift worker, I have found Jason flexible enough to fit in with my job. He is always on time, well presented and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer.”

Colleen-2006, civil servant, 7 March 2006

Pre & Post Natal

Glowing Reviews by our Clients

Quick toning for new mums – we help new mums of London lose the baby weight and get into better shape than ever with our personal training system.

“After two children and three stone, I decided it was time to get back in to shape. I found Jason through a friend and was incredibly impressed by his website, so decided to give him a go.
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The team at Muddy Plimsolls have been amazing through my journey to become fit again. Jason is incredibly passionate about what he does and this comes across in our training sessions. I’ve learned so much, not only about getting in shape, but also about how the different muscles connect and work. I feel confident I have the tools to continue exercising on my own and the knowledge I gained from Jason will benefit both me and my family for the rest of our lives.

Jason is very imaginative when it comes to exercise. No one session is the same which means I never get bored and the exercise certainly doesn’t feel like hard work, although it must be, because the results after just 3 months are amazing! I have muscles in my arms that I haven’t had since I was 18.

Fiona does the admin side of the business and is such a pleasure to speak to. She’s been really lovely about working with me and my incredibly restrictive schedule.”

Kritikat, blogger & mother, 29 August 2010

“Jason is an imaginative and fun trainer, and up-to-date on a number of different disciplines (kickboxing, pilates, etc.) He tailors his workouts to the individual, and works hard to keep the training fresh and interesting. I highly recommend him.”

Diane, new mother, 29 January 2008

Flexible & Accommodating

Glowing Reviews by the PAs of our Clients

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
As a PA, I support a busy analyst at a senior hedge fund. I have been liaising with Muddy Plimsolls for over a year now, scheduling training sessions for the analyst. In this time, I have found both Jason and Fiona to be flexible and accommodating to busy diaries which change at very short notice. The analyst I support has never had any complaints, so I can only highly recommend Muddy Plimsolls.
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We try to ensure everything runs like clockwork. Trainers are on time. Sessions are on schedule. Someone answers your queries. Is this your experience of our service?
Always on time.

Mary, PA, 16 May 2013

“I would recommend Muddy Plimsolls to anyone. I look after the diary of an extremely busy man and finding 3 windows in his diary every week for a training session is sometimes challenging. I frequently have to move his sessions around and this is never a problem. They could not be more accommodating. If you are looking for a flexible and completely professional personal training experience then Muddy Plimsolls is definitely for you.”

Melissa, Personal Assistant, 8 April 2011

“I have found Muddy Plimsolls incredibly professional and efficient. They are also completely flexible in accommodating last minute requests/changes. This has made my life much easier. And I feel it’s an essential good business trait – being flexible enough to accommodate the intense work schedules of your clients.”

Sian, Personal Assistant, 11 June 2010

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Glowing Reviews by our Clients

Why do you choose to invest in outdoor personal training?
I like the outdoors more than a gym, but wanted overall fitness – so I needed some motivation and guidance to get fast results, and the variety a personal trainer can offer.
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What’s your experience of Jason Doggett, as a trainer? What’s his approach & attitude towards your training?
Great. Very solid in his approach and bespoke to the individual. Is eager for you to benefit from the sessions and see results.

Can you describe any results you’ve achieved, or challenges you’ve overcome since training with us?
In a month, I could see the difference in my stability, strength and muscle tone. I have a fear of pushing/bending knees due to an injury and we worked on these to give me more strength and confidence.

What’s your experience of our London personal training service, ie: bookings, flexibility, payments, customer care?
Super and easy.

Mandy, tax consultant, 4 May 2011