“The results are amazing”


Train up to 3 x per week to see fast, reliable results even when family and work commitments keep you busy.

    • 12 fantastic outdoor or at-home fitness sessions (60 minutes each)
    • Happiness Guarantee
    • Practical nutritional coaching
    • Easy and flexible bookings
    • Coach-on-call
    • Super-effective, calisthenics-based exercise and workout system
    • Secure, online payments
    • A tough schedule of 3 sessions per week will see fast improvements in your body including rapid weight loss and strength. Great for those in a hurry!
    • All fitness levels welcome

Work with the best in the fitness business to reduce your waistline, add muscle or feel younger, more energetic and ready for life.

Schedule your 12 workouts in advance and have our trainers apply the latest exercise science principles and technical training to keep challenging your body.

All Plans includes ongoing nutritional support, take-home motivation and home workout programmes (if required).

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“Efficient, online payment and service. It’s great.”

“Muddy Plimsolls provide a first class service”

“Really straight forward. Easy, good customer service, flexible on timings and bookings”

“Payments really straight forward”


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