Hiring the right personal trainer should be this easy

How to hire the right personal trainer - an infographic

Hiring a personal training service is unlike anything you’ve ever done before

Personal training is a serious commitment and it can be daunting to try it for the first time. What if you commit to doing 50 sessions and then realise you don’t like your trainer? What if you can’t keep up the pace? What if you just don’t enjoy the experience? What if you don’t get the results you were hoping for?

Aside from checking that they are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) what else should you do? We have three pieces of advice, below, if you’re shopping for a fitness pro.

1. Call them

First and foremost, we recommend you call them up. Websites are great and everything, but there are plenty of fantastic fitness professionals whose websites do not represent them well.

There is nothing like a telephone call to give you a very good idea of what a person is like or how a company operates as a service. Of course, there are great fitness professionals who aren’t great on the phone either. We didn’t get into the fitness industry to ‘sell’ ourselves over the phone. But even so, as a discerning shopper you can get around that as you talk to them and get a feel for what they are like.

As a personal training agency, Muddy Plimsolls will match you with a trainer who has already gone through an interview process with us and has had their qualifications reviewed. But we’ll still send you a trainer’s details to you for your ok before we arrange your first training session. So you are involved in the process.

2. Ask them to walk you through the process

Find out what to expect from them in advance of paying. Some training firms or trainers offer free sessions. (We don’t. If you’d like to know why, call us.) And all others should be happy to answer all your questions before you make a purchase. Our process is shown in the infographic, above.

3. Ask about their money back guarantee

They may have one, they may not. Ours is called the Happiness Guarantee. It goes like this: “If, after your first training session with us, you do not wish to continue, we’ll refund your payment minus the cost of that first session with absolutely no quibbles” We’ve had that guarantee for over 5 years and we’re happy to say no one has yet to take us up on the offer.

How new clients experience Muddy Plimsolls for the first time

Above is an infographic showing how new clients experience Muddy Plimsolls – the company and our trainers – for the first time. At every stage, we encourage that clients give us feedback because we want to make sure that we’re the right fit for the client. Nobody gets the hard sell or is tied into long contracts.

The easy way to contact Muddy Plimsolls about personal training is to use our Enquiry Form.

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