Ditch the bathroom scales

Fitness testing to check a client's progress

Use a fitness test

For some Muddy Plimsolls clients, a regular fitness test is a great way to measure how far they’ve come in their training. It’s way more fun (and accurate) than simply stepping onto the bathroom scales and taking a deep breath. Our clients can measure their improvements at the beginning and end of their personal training plan, or month-to-month. The more competitive can even test themselves from week-to-week!

Baseline Fitness Test

The baseline fitness test used by Muddy Plimsolls, comprises of 5 basic moves:

• Rear lunge plus jump
• Full Push up
• Inverted Row
• Sprint test
• Plank
• Plus one other ‘wild card’ test.

Each exercise is performed either for maximum repetitions in one or two minutes, or for as long as you can! There is a short rest period between each exercise. The whole thing takes little more than 20 minutes but is a real challenge for all fitness levels.

The beauty of this test is that it is appropriate for both male and female clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Positive ways to use fitness tests

Fitness tests are given in the spirit of encouragement and not in a judgmental way. Clients can then spend their 4 week Training Plan enjoying our focussed and fun approach to personal training. They use our training to strengthen and tone their body through our series of 100+ calisthenic, plyometric and agility movements. On their final session of that month’s training plan, they can then chose to complete the test again and see how much they’ve improved.

Testing is an effective way to keep you focussed on improving your physical abilities rather than returning to the weight scales again and again. Weight loss and toning are side effects of improved physical fitness. It’s your abilities that are Muddy Plimsolls’ focus.

If you book a Training Plan with us this week, you have time to complete a full 28-day Training Plan – and see how much you’ve improved in your fitness – before the busy festive period kicks off.

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