Exercise and Stress Relief

Stress-busting Workouts

Our personal training sessions are designed to be a welcome distraction from the bustle of this pre-pre-Christmas period. This  time of year is particularly busy for all our clients.  There’s Q3 reports to pore over, contracts to negotiate and international geo-political risk to analyse.  So we ensure our clients’ workout time is ‘me’ time: a stress-busting hour away from work commitments. We like to think of the Muddy Plimsolls experience as the outdoor, energetic version of a massage at the Langham spa, or coffee at the Wolseley!

Here are three ways we make use of session time to alleviate the stress of clients’ demanding jobs:

A Focus on the Exercise

Attention to performing exercises well, keeping focussed on what we’re doing and discovering why we chose certain exercises over others or use certain fitness equipment. An engagement in what we’re actually doing and why, distracts the attention wonderfully.

An Appreciation for the Surroundings

In any season, the Royal Parks, are a fantastic location to spend time in. At this time of year, you can appreciate the brilliant autumn colours.

Keeping the Session Fluid and Moving

We like to keep clients moving from location to location to make the workout more effective. In addition, the movement between exercise groups (upper body to lower body, lower body to core etc) makes their workout programme an active, engaging experience.

With these three approaches we aim to keep clients focussed on where they are now and what they are doing. This way, they can take a break from the world before heading back to check emails.

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