Essential Outdoor Exercise Gear

Exercise Gear for man running in wintry park

Essential Outdoor Exercise Gear

Outdoor exercise sessions can experience a remarkable mix of weather conditions. last autumn, training clients in and around London [and now in the Home Counties – since 2014] one moment it was muggy and wet, the next moment there’s a dramatic drop in temperature.

Beginners to our outdoor exercise training can sometimes arrive in gym clothing that is unsuitable to protect them from the climate.

For beginners to keep up with these changeable autumn conditions, I recommend, a few items for their kit bag.

Spring and Autumn showers

Whilst we recommend that clients equip themselves with a decent rainproof jacket, we don’t suggest that one can keep oneself entirely dry if it rains during a session. Plus you’re going to get wet with sweat.

After an hour outdoors, getting into different positions such as the push up, or offering up open cuffs by hanging onto a pull up bar; the rain is going to get in. And if the rain is coupled with kind of Indian summer temperatures that the UK has experienced over the last few years, then it might be more comfortable to choose a one or two-layer rain jacket that has breathable qualities, or vents that can be unzipped.

Rain produces uncertain surfaces. As Muddy Plimsolls sessions make use of varied surfaces for different exercises, we recommend a training shoe that supports and has a decent tread that can cope with wet grass, sticky mud or slick tarmac.

As the weather turns colder

A hat and a pair of gloves are obvious ways to keep comfortable. If you’re working on your pull-ups then gloves that have more structure, and some grip on the palms will help. I sometimes think gloves are more useful for protecting hands on the ground. Wooly gloves will feel heavy, cold and slippery if it starts raining and will not give much grip.

A wooly hat or even a thin beanie will help you warm up at the beginning of a frosty session. If you’re exercising in the dusky evenings or early mornings, you may find brightly coloured/fluorescent hats and gloves will be more easily spotted on the ground should you remove them during your workout.

When frost and ice come, you’ll be glad you chose those trainers with traction.

For outdoor exercise gear, you may want to consider the outdoor shops rather than traditional workout clothing shops. Outdoor exploits such as climbing, hiking and walking require technical clothing that is very effective and hard wearing, though not cheap. Those who go running tend to wear much more appropriate exercise gear as running clothes are designed for the rigours of different seasons.

Read some more of our advice on exercise gear for a cold weather workout.

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