What Workout Clothes Not To Wear (When Training)

Dozens of pairs of sneakers, crammed into gym lockers


Unsuitable Workout Clothes

I’ve seen my fair share of strange or unsuitable workout gear.

Flip flops whilst squatting? I thought to share my opinions on the best workout clothes to wear for fitness training.

Natural Fibres:

Cotton sweats are a classic look, warm and comfortable. But they encourage sweat marks and after washing take ages to dry.

Technical Gear:

Performance clothing is light and dries quickly. But after your dose of outdoor exercise, it would be nice to go to the local supermarket without looking like a refugee from a triathlon. Also, I find lycra running tights are not correct attire for Sainsbury’s – a bit too revealing.


I prefer to wear technical clothes as a base layer: a wicking t-shirt that will keep me free of sweat patches and running shorts that prevent, ahem, chaffing. Instead of layering this with sweatpants, I wear travelling/hiking trousers as sold in outdoor shops. These tend to be hard-wearing and water repellent.

What Not to Wear:

Recently, I spotted a man – an over-50 fitness enthusiast – running along the Outer Circle, sporting obscenely high cut-off denims. Not a good look.

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