What’s on offer during our personal training sessions

What's on offer during our personal training sessions
Our personal training sessions are 60 minutes in length. They comprise a warm-up at the beginning, a work section in the middle and finally a cool down at the end.

Your initial session with us is an assessment, used alongside the online PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) you already completed and the early conversation with the MP team you would have had to discuss goals etc.

From then on your programme and personal training sessions can adapt each time you train depending on how you are that day, energy levels, what you achieved that week.

The elements that make up our personal training sessions

The following elements are commonly featured in our sessions:


this bodyweight training system uses no equipment. So it’s easy to learn and highly effective for all fitness levels

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

a workout programme that combines short, intense training periods with longer, recovery periods

Metabolic Training

increases your metabolic rate through a succession of exercise with very little rest. And with a little practise, this demanding approach is very doable and fun!

Functional Movement System Training

trains movements that are symmetrical, efficient and pain-free

Strength Endurance Training

all the benefits of strength training (weight loss, muscle tone) without lifting very heavy weights


includes static stretching to increase flexibility, dynamic and ballistic stretching to prepare for exercise, and passive stretching during the cool-down to reduce muscle stiffness

Balance Training

sharpens up an overlooked skill that is useful in day-to-day life. Includes single leg work, closing eyes or working on unstable surfaces

Hypertrophy Training

building muscle through weight training raises strength levels, increases metabolism, and improves posture

Speed-Agility-Quickness Training

multi-directional movements develops motor ability and control, reduces chances of injury, increase body confidence and adds an element of fun to sessions

Padwork Training

ever-popular boxing-style training. Includes rope work and full body conditioning. Intense, quick and stress-relieving


effective way of developing cardiovascular, strength and flexibility through swinging a cast-iron weight

Resistance Bands

elastic bands you hold and either push or pull with. Can add a challenging resistance to almost any exercise and from any angle

Sprint (Speed) Training

an athletic challenge that burns many calories, develops muscle and increases your body’s work capacity

Aerobic & Anaerobic Training

cardio + strength at the same time

Core Training

teaches you control of movement from the very centre of your body. Improves exercise performance and help reduce daily pains such as low back pain

Plyometric Training

explosive jumping movements that burns calories

Isometric Training

holding exercises that can benefit exercise newbies, older clients and those carrying joint injuries

Remember that each of our trainers has their own unique training philosophy (all built on solid exercise physiology and science, experience and common sense). So if you had any questions on why you’re doing a certain exercise, or requests about trying something new – just ask!

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