What to look for in a mobile personal training company


We’re London’s largest mobile personal training company and we know a thing or two about great customer service

Actually we guarantee it, along with great technical fitness training too.

Our training takes place in many locations: outdoors, at home, or at your place of work. In these private, semi-private and public locations, clients should feel that they are in good hands. So the aim of our mobile personal training company is to create a secure and well managed teaching environment.

That’s why Muddy Plimsolls only works with fitness professionals who have the maturity, experience and common sense to direct the client experience.

Raising the level of professionalism

Our fitness team share the same standards of behaviour. We represent the highest level of service to clients and in doing so the client experience of their trainer is:

  • Technically proficient
  • Experienced
  • Polite
  • Punctual
  • Respectful
  • Diplomatic
  • Truthful
  • Supportive
  • Understanding
  • Flexible
  • A friendly but business-like manner


The value of our service comes from the client experience

A number of our clients have come to us with poor previous experiences of personal training or with suprisingly low expectations. We really try to change that.

At Muddy Plimsolls we raise client expectations through the amazing content of our personal training sessions. We also offer clear, transparent pricing, a range of client discounts, safe online purchasing and an office you can call to talk to someone.

We encourage advance booking of all your sessions, so they’re in your diary and you know where you are. If your schedule is too changeable for that, your trainer will be there to help you keep your training as regular (and therefore effective) as possible.

We’re open minded when it comes to your  goals, why you want to achieve them and when. But we will tell you what’s possible, and what’s not. You pay for our professional knowledge and experience and that means our professional honesty.

We offer the best quality training experience we can, from being punctual at the beginning and the end of sessions, adding exercises you’ve requested, revisiting exercises that don’t work for you, and keeping the conversation courteous, focussed on work and respectful.

In fact, we’re vying for the title of  ‘the ‘John Lewis’ of personal training!’


Enquire now

As a mobile personal training company, we come to you, no matter where you are across the city. Click the link to find out some of the more popular personal training locations for outdoor workouts.

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