Client(s) of the Month August 2015

Client of the Month

Despite different fitness levels, two friends training together have exceeded their expectations

This month’s client of the month goes to two clients – Chloe and Kate – who have trained together over the last 3 months with our trainer Jason Taylor. Sessions have taken place both at Kennington Park and Clapham Common.

Chloe and Kate came to Muddy Plimsolls after a terrible experience with a previous trainer who disappeared, owing them a significant number of training sessions. We were so very glad to be able to offer a different experience, reflected in their fantastic review of Muddy Plimsolls and their trainer, Jason Taylor. Despite their poor previous experience , both have been dedicated to achieving the most from their personal training experience with us.

Dual training (two clients being trained at the same time) comes with its own set of challenges for the fitness professional who is programming their training. This is particularly so with clients who have different fitness levels and goals.

Chloe’s main aim was weight loss. However, she is asthmatic, a condition that is well controlled through ventolin. So exercise sometimes can feel especially tough for her. But she has been honest and realistic about how she feels during the session and Jason T. has been careful to adjust the training appropriately. In addition, an underactive thyroid (the main reason for the weight gain) leaves her prone to dizziness in the heat. She has had asthma since childhood but since training on a regular basis, Chloe’s confidence and fitness has grown and, according to Jason, is significantly more confident about outdoor training.

Kate had a good standard of fitness and was looking to improve upper body and core strength. But her running training was affected by pain in her right shin, inflammation in that area being a common occurrence in her immediate family. This has reduced significantly and Kate is now able to complete a 2 mile run with confidence.

Jason has called both clients “delightful to train with and keen to participate in and try all the variations of exercises.” The two girls are on an Optimum Training Plan for Two (taking 8 sessions over 4 weeks) and have been put through a combination of intervals, bodyweight exercises, benches, steps, and the local trim trail (using the pull up and dip bars) at Kennington Park. And Jason has had them performing low pull ups, planks, wall sits and step ups.

Partner training is a difficult balance for a trainer to get right because it often involves different goals, levels of ability and beginning fitness levels. It also requires the clients to work together, encourage each other and have the patience to allow individual exercise cueing from their coach.

In the time they’ve been training both clients have lost weight and share their measurements below:

Arms: -5cm
Waist: -9cm
Hips: -4cm
Bottom: -7cm
Thighs: -4cm
Calves: -2cm

Arms: -2cm
Waist: -4cm
Hips: -3cm
Bum: -4cm
Calves: -4cm

Chloe’s review of her training can be found on our testimonials page here. Congratulations to both of them and we look forward to continued success with their fitness goals.

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