Four Outdoor Workout Tips from a Personal Trainer in Regents Park

Personal trainer in Regents Park

Getting to grips with training outdoors

Although Regent’s Park is a large, peaceful and attractive location to exercise, it doesn’t come with too many facilities or with an instruction manual as to how to train there. The ground is fairly flat, there are no pull-up bars or outdoor gym. Plus the Royal Parks rules on usage limit certain popular exercises. Read on to learn how Muddy Plimsolls trains clients effectively and with great results.

We use the whole park

Outdoor training shouldn’t just be a case of laying down a mat in one corner of the park and performing some kettlebell swings. So we use a multi-site approach over a number of sessions. Moving from Chester Gate to the Boating Lake, or the Hub to St Andrews Place, opens up the advantages of different locations.

We train in all weathers

If outdoor exercise is to be most effective, it must be done regularly. And that includes during the winter or when the weather isn’t so great. Regent’s Park is very beautiful when covered in snow. And often deserted too! But we do have lots of advice about training in the changeable conditions of spring, autumn and winter.

The key is to pick the right exercise gear to protect yourself and for comfort. Then outdoor training becomes a breeze. And after your session there’s always the Hub to warm up.

What’s in our outdoor personal training sessions?

We use the space and the landscape of Regent’s Park

By moving around the park, our trainers incorporate elements of the landscape into a workout. The jungle gym by Gloucester Gate, the long, straight sprinting track behind Regent’s Park zoo, the steep bank that surrounds the Hub. Even the smallest of inclines of a grassy bank will be used, say for a floor-based ab exercise like crunches. These are all features of the landscape in Regent’s Park that we use for client workouts.

We focus on quality movements with every exercise, not just quantity

The way Muddy Plimsolls trainers use calisthenics – bodyweight exercise is very different from bootcamps. Bootcamps use bodyweight exercises too and, from a distance, it can seem that bootcamps are a similar experience as our one-to-one training. But here is where the comparison stops. Because Muddy Plimsolls training goes far beyond the low-level ‘grinding’ exercises of the average bootcamp. Teaching quality movements (pain free, effective and efficient use of your current fitness levels) produces far superior results. Plus, we aim to improve not just strength and endurance, but also your balance, speed, coordination, physical awareness, reactive skills amongst many other physical abilities. The learning curve is much steeper with us.