New Look for the outdoors

We ask our clients to meet us in the park, ‘dressed for the weather and ready to train’. And we like to lead by example. Our fitness uniform for the Muddy Plimsolls team, features branded Original Penguin polo shirts and jackets. We’re delighted to unveil this new look work-out wardrobe that combines smartness with practicality.

Summer Fitness, workout wardrobe jacket

Smart Image

The striking, two-colour polo shirts lend a professional edge to our fitness coaching, which we believe our clients appreciate. I’ve never been one to rock-up to client sessions in sleeveless t-shirts and ultra-tight lycra running shorts. I’m not adverse to this type of performance wear, but I prefer a smarter appearance that’s appropriate for coaching.

Practical Performance

A typical working day has me outdoors (in all weathers) coaching and demonstrating exercises to clients – followed by a fitness workout myself, to keep up my own training regime. This lifestyle makes unusual demands of my workwear.

I find the cotton fabric of the Original Penguin polo shirts comfortable to wear and versatile for personal training in London. The heritage cut is a great ‘slim-fit’ that manages to keep it shape. Sometimes I’ll wear a baselayer underneath the shirt, to act as an extra layer of warmth on chilly mornings on Primrose Hill or for sweat-wicking properties during an intensive workout.

Simple Gear

I’ve founded our company on the basis that you can achieve fitness without machines and fancy equipment. A simple pair of plimsolls may be all you need. One of my female clients has turned up to train in a pair of Prada ballet pumps! We may not have tackled hill sprints on that day, but nevertheless, we adapted and achieved a work-out.

So, I’m delighted to discover Original Penguin – a non-sportswear non-technical non-outdoorsy brand. Like a simple pair of plimsolls, it’s not fancy performance gear, but it delivers well for our system of outdoor personal training.

Summer Fitness, workout wardrobe polo

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