Outdoor exercises in the summer? You need to stay safe in the sun.

outdoor exercises in the summer

3 Tips worth remembering when pursuing outdoor exercises this summer

For the precious months of summer weather we get in the UK, Muddy Plimsolls becomes Dusty Plimsolls.

With a heatwave seemingly upon us what precautions do fitness professionals take when teaching a programme of outdoor exercises?

Seek shade

At Muddy Plimsolls we’re not much for standing in an open field on a blazing hot day for prolonged periods of time. I mean, we love the outdoors but we have duty of care towards our clients and the last thing we want if for one of them to experience heat stroke.

Seems pretty simple but we still a lot of outdoor training that apparently ignores this fact and insists that clients continue pounding out exercises in the blazing sun.

We always recommend taking to the shade of a tree or other cover regularly, before you get dizzy.

You can still divide up a workout to enjoy some of that precious vitamin D. Train in the shade, then use the gentler rest periods or cool down period, or stretching exercises as the times you take yourself into direct sunlight. Then return to the shade when the pace is picked up.

Seek protection

When our clients are out in direct sunlight, we recommend that those with fair skin and/or concerns about the effects of sun on their skin use a sun cream. Which magazine has run numerous articles on the subject of the best sun creams to buy plus those that fail to deliver what they promise on performance.

As sweat will dissipate the sun cream, remember to reapply, again during a rest period.

Keep comfortable

Choose workout gear made with fabric that wicks away sweat or, if you prefer more traditional fabric that tend to absorb moisture, bring a spare t-shirt so you can change mid-session.

Most clothing will protect skin from the sun to some degree. However, if you want to train outdoors but are cautious of the sun, then wearing a hat is something you should consider. A hat with appropriate UPF protection will protect the skin but also will help make you head feel cooler.

A spare of sports sunglasses will cut down the glare of sunshine. And those with an elasticated cord between the arms of the glasses will help keep them on your head when you’re performing burpees.

Drink water

We’re not a big fan of holding a water bottle whilst running (messes with good running technique, don’t you know?). But carrying some with you in a small back pack makes a world of difference. Making time for water breaks within an hour’s session will help rejuvenate and inspire you to re-double your efforts when you get back to the workout.

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