Our 100th post & an Icebreaker discount for our clients

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Our 100th blog post!

We’ve been blogging on fitness and bodyweight exercise for over 4 years and I have to admit I’ve learned a lot about fitness blogging. I don’t get many comments, for a start! And sometimes you just have to stare at a blank screen for hours until inspiration strikes.

But that’s okay because the purpose of the blog has changed. What started as a public announcement of company news and information, has turned more into a client service – keeping clients in contact with what’s going on with their personal training service, advice tips and tricks.

Plus, it’s a little insight to visitors of how we take care of all our customers as much as we can.

Our latest client offer

Recently we’ve been able to post about Muddy Plimsolls’ expansion across London and into the Home Counties. Plus the range of client discounts we’ve been able to offer from some great fitness/wellbeing suppliers.

And today’s post is no exception as we announce a 10% client discount from natureshop.co.uk. Nature Shop is another family-run company (just like MP) we are happy to recommend to our clients and trainers.

And the new Icebreaker Winter range – for which Muddy Plimsolls clients and trainers receive 10% off – has some great items to keep exercisers outside warm and comfortable during their winter training. My personal clients will recognise some of the Icebreaker merino outdoor gear that I wear when it gets cold and we’re out together at 6am. The clothes are comfortable, they move brilliantly during exercise and are very warm.

Check out the entire range of Icebreaker apparel here.

You can call this Icebreaker discount our 100th birthday present to all our clients.

(Please note this is a non-affiliate link)

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