Spring Exercise

Outdoor Spring exercise, inspired by wildflower plot in London's parks

Before sunrise this morning, I am training my first client of the day.  Usually, we train under the glow of a lamppost. But today, as we spar with hook and jab pads, the lamppost cuts out as the sun rises over Primrose Hill, turning the park golden. Spring is on its way.

My client is telling me of her plans to spend the weekend gardening, which is a real passion of hers. It occurs to me, that the structure of a gardener’s growing year (seeding, planting, nurturing, harvesting), is not dissimilar to the structure of a year in fitness – especially outdoor exercise.

Spring Exercise, provides the opportunity to:

Make a fresh start or a spring-clean. Sweep away previous failed attempts at dieting, or unrealised exercise goals from the past. Throw them out and focus on new goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Kick-start a healthier diet. Take advantage of the abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables coming in to London’s local markets, like Marylebone Farmers’ Market and Borough Market.

Get outside more. Try some fitness training in London’s parks, even if it’s just a bit of light walking exercise, taking advantage of the crisp spring weather and extended daylight hours.

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