Running in London – Top Locations

Running in London, over the canal, past policemen and pigeons

The efficacy of a structured running programme is beneficial for the cardiovascular fitness of most people, including me.  So, I develop proper running form in my clients who like to run, training outdoors in locations across London. But running in London is more of a pleasure when you can take in some of the sights of the city. So below are three suggested venues where I take clients for a run.

#1 – Best for a Run with a View

Hampstead Heath.  The heath, rising up from Parliament Hill towards Kenwood House, offers North Londoners an alternative to running on the flat.  Hills and dales, dirt tracks and grassy knolls make this running route a challenge.

#1 – Best for a Peaceful Run

Regent’s Canal. From Camden to Little Venice, a succession of house boats and the calm water offers a distraction from the  sound of your own heavy panting.

#1 – Best for a Slice of London Life

Regents Park. There is always something to look at in this park: John Nash terraces and architecture, giraffes along the back fence of London Zoo, rowing boats, brass bands, football matches, rose gardens – and the great and the good, who flock there at the weekends.

#1 – Best for an End-of-the-Run Café

Highgate Wood.  I like running the canopied, circular route through 70 acres of ancient forest, with trim trail stations along the way.  At the centre of the wood, next to the cricket pitch, is the ever-popular Pavillion Café. Hardly like running in London at all: more like running around a village green.

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