Three essential elements of a weight loss plan

Following a weight loss plan can seem daunting. Especially if you schedule 3 to 6 months – or longer – in which to achieve your goals. Six months can seem like an eternity! And that’s why so many people’s best intentions grind to a halt. To help you avoid that scenario, here are 3 tips.

Break down your weight loss plan into small steps

Rather than doing a clean sweep of your fridge on one day, focus on cleaning up one poor behaviour before moving onto the next. Rather than throwing yourself into exercising 4 times in a week, start with once or maybe twice. And when you do go for that first run, don’t throw yourself into an hour-long slog around the park. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to walk properly the next day.

Big goals get people fired up. But they’re only achieved one step at a time.

Switch focus from Outcome goals to Process goals

The downfall of many people’s weight loss plans is a focus on outcomes too early in the game. For instance, following a diet for three days then wondering ‘Do I look different? Have I lost any weight?’ Or performing a couple of workouts then checking to see if you’ve developed any muscles. The irony is that most people who achieve great results with their fitness outcomes are ones who almost totally focus on process goals.

The distinct advantage of focussing on process goals is that you can be rewarded with immediate, tangible success.

Many people will wait a few days then weigh themselves, hoping to see a difference. They may or may not see the difference at that weigh-in. They may have to wait for the next one.

Switch from full fat milk to semi-skimmed in your coffee. Then move on to your cereal. Reduce portion size by 5%. Then aim for 10%. Add one more repetition of an exercise onto your next workout programme. These are clear, small achievements. It’s an instant hit of success. Most fitness pros we know work on process goals almost exclusively because it’s a more satisfying way of working.

Reward yourself

Obviously this would not include a food-reward. But to help re-invest in the process, reward yourself with a new piece of healthy eating kitchen wizardry, like a blender, or new workout clothes or some fitness technology.

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