Guarantee your bridal fitness plans aren’t derailed by hen parties or wedding jitters

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Whether your wedding is in a year’s time or even just six weeks, the run-up to this special event can be busy, exciting and fraught. In between the 1001 things you have to organise, your bridal fitness and nutritional programme has to deal with obstacles and set-backs as well as deliver you to the big day in the shape you planned for. Hen and groom weekends, holidays or busy times at work, plus running around sourcing caterers, dresses and venues all add to your personal and professional demands.

Here’s 6 tips to help a bride-to-be (or groom) get the most from their wedding fitness training.


Tell your trainer your pre-wedding schedule so he/she can factor in holidays, hen parties, engagement parties or busy times at work. Your trainer can then programme your bridal fitness plan accordingly so he/she gets the best from you despite wavering energy levels or busy weeks.


Use your exercise sessions as an opportunity to vent and get your frustrations out. Perhaps work in some pad-work or tough hill sprints?

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Alternatively, your sessions could be a haven of tranquility where you can temporarily forget about the wedding jitters for an hour. Get outside your head, chill out and just enjoy being physically active.


Have a back up plan. Your trainer should always be adapting your training and will change up your training programme if the results aren’t forthcoming.


Don’t leave it too late to contact a fitness professional. Six weeks to go is really pushing it if you have big goals. Six months is a good amount of time: it’s pre-the first wedding dress fitting and allows for a trial run to see how you good you can look before the big day.


Stress can lead some to overeat and some to stop eating. Work with your trainer/nutritionist closely to ensure you acknowledge these behaviours and adopt on strategies to avoid both.

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Muddy Plimsolls offer a range of wedding fitness training across London and beyond for brides, grooms and all members of the wedding party.

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