Getting the most from a personal trainer at home

personal trainer at home

A personal trainer at home can solve a lot of challenges – no matter were you live!

Unless you have your own home gym or studio, fitness training at home will always come with some compromises. You may be living in a flat, a terrace or shared house. They all come with individual challenges. So using a personal trainer at home makes even more sense as an experienced home personal trainer will have worked in enough client domiciles to be able to advise you on the best workout you can achieve in your own home.

Muddy Plimsolls is well known for outdoor training but we do actually have clients who prefer their personal training at home. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most from a home personal training visit.

Make the most of the space you have in your house

You don’t need a lot of space to get the most from a training session at home. Enough room to lay down a yoga mat along with enough headspace to reach your arms above your head. That’s a start. You may want to relocate nearby valuables or small furniture to increase floor space.

Calisthenics (bodyweight exercise) is of course an ideal training system for exercising in a limited space. It offers simplicity, challenge and flexibility to the environment.

Use garden space effectively

We’ve effectively trained clients in tiny courtyard gardens as well as expansive lawns. Outdoor space allows for more intensive exercise, bigger movements of the body such as with plyometrics.

Low brick walls are great step up platforms, grass is a natural covering for mat work and even a drive way has potential as a large, even surface for a cardio circuit.

Adapt your home training programme to your location

If you truly have a small space, then your at home training session is going to have to adapt. You can’t have an effective cardio circuit if you can barely take two steps forwards or back. The location will affect the intensity of the exercise.

However, mat-based work such as core exercises, posture and balance can all be improved easily in a small room. A large number of bodyweight exercises can also be performed, and practised.

Mix and match locations

If there are limitations to your at home training, our trainers might recommend taking a portion of your session outdoors or even splitting sessions between at home and outside sessions. Having some flexibility in locations will really help your exercise programme, allowing for faster results, and a more varied and enjoyable workout.

Mix and match training goals

The flip side to changing locations is to change your training goals. Talk with your trainer about what you want to achieve and he or she will suggest a number of ways of getting there. For example, if you live in a flat with downstairs neighbours and you can only train when they are home, then high impact training may be impossible. Your trainer should be very honest about the challenges that you’ll need to overcome to achieve your goals.

Muddy Plimsolls offers a personal trainer at-home service. You can arrange for one of our team to come to your house and design a workout for your very own space. Complete our enquiry form to receive a call back.

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