Muddy Plimsolls one of ’50 Things Every Man Needs to Do This Summer’

Forever Sports June 2015

We’re very happy that Muddy Plimsolls, the largest London personal trainer agency specialising in outdoor training, is mentioned in the June 2015 edition of Forever Sports, the magazine of the Sports Direct shops. In the article ’50 Things Every Man Needs To Do This Summer’ Muddy Plimsolls is one of the recommended go-to’s for summer training.

Summer is when outdoor exercise reaches a peak in the public interest. And as outdoor exercise experts, Muddy Plimsolls are
the company for getting clients fit, strong and confident in time for any summer-time event: a holiday, a wedding or a birthday. All performed outdoors and with bodyweight training as the bedrock of our exercise philosophy.

So in celebration of being named one of Forever Sports’ things to do this summer, here’s our own 10 Things Every Man (and Woman) should Know About Summer Training with Muddy Plimsolls.

1. Running with a water bottle in your hand can mess with your running technique. Put your bottle in a small backpack, or attach it to a belt.

2. Use every variety of landscape you can find to make your outdoor workout more challenging: from softer ground surfaces to inclines to street obstacles.

3. Performing a dead hang pull-up starts with developing grip strength.

4. Strength training should also be balanced with endurance, speed/agility/quickness, plyometric, flexibility, reactive and, well, balance training.

5. Design your pre-holiday summer training backwards from the week of your event to now so you end on a performance high before you hit the beach.

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6. If you’re getting married this summer, make sure you schedule in wedding dress/suit fittings as benchmarks of success.

7. A carb-free, seasonal salad diet won’t fuel a 3 x per week intensive training regime. Make sure you balance calories in with calories out.

8. Put your gym membership on hold for 3 months and train outside. Play tennis, run, or follow a bodyweight exercise programme.

9. Remember to use sun protection. A sun lotion plus suitable clothing if you’re susceptible to sun damage.

10. You can enjoy 10% off your first Muddy Plimsolls Training Plan throughout June 2015 by using our 10% discount code SUMMER10 at checkout in our online shop.*

*(discount applies to new customers, one per customer, subject to trainer availability)

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